WHY “The CASINO” Web Series on ZEE5 is Different & Exciting to Watch

The Casino - My Game My Rules ZEE5

I am a busy mom and I am quite picky about what I choose to watch on streaming channels. With huge library of TV content streaming today, I often end up scanning through endless number of trailers, hopping from one to another every 10-12 mins in search of a mind blowing web series which actually appeals to my taste. Its not unusual for me to end up feeling dissatisfied OR with that feeling of having wasted all my free time, just looking for mind bending web series. Eeeeggggrr, where did the entertainment vanish!


If you are like me, you must already be nodding your head in agreement which is why I decided to write about ‘The Casino – My Game. My Rules’ Web Series on ZEE5’, who’s teaser trailer has left me wanting to watch more.


The Casino Web Series Review

Storyline of Casino Series ZEE5

‘The Casino – My Game. My Rules’ is a ZEE5 Original series about an heir of a multi-billion casino, a completely new plot which is never experienced on OTT Platform. Starring Karanvir Bohra as Vicky, the rich yet very humble, simple and fun-loving boy who is the heir to his father’s multi-billion casino, the story takes a deep dive into life at a casino. All the lead characters complete hard to pull others down with their own astute mind games.

The entire season comprises of 10 mind blowing episodes in hindi, every episode is high on glitz and glamour that come along crème de la crème of the society and promises to keep the audience glued on. Murder, gambling, mystery and conspiracy and revenge, The Casino series promises bountiful thrill and entertainment through the glamorous world of hardcore, flashy and extravagant gambling.

The Casino is about Power, Deceit & Mind Games! The show premiers on 10 April 2020.

Hindi streaming shows 2020
Hindi streaming shows in 2022 – The Casino ZEE5

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Apart from a very offbeat and provoking storyline here are 4 reasons why you should watch ‘The CASINO– My Game. My Rules’ web series on ZEE5

Star Cast of Casino Web Series 2020

The powerful star cast boasts of Karanvir Bohra, Sudhanshu Pandey, Mandana Karimi etc. The star cast has gone full throttle on high intensity drama, dialogue delivery and power packed action scenes. You can feel the anticipation building up as the story progresses.

Also, Qubool Hai & Kasautii Zindagii Kay’s superstar Karanvir takes a leap into the trend of web series with The Casino, on the biggest OTT platform in India, ZEE5.

Director: Hardik Gajjar 

Powerful Female Cast in Casino Indian Web Series 

Mandana Karimi, an Iranian actress and model who rose to fame with Big Boss and appeared as a lead in the Bollywood film, Bhaag Johnny plays the gorgeous Rehana Chaudhari. Rehana is an absolute go-getter and knows exactly what she wants! She brings tremendous energy and power to her role as a fiercely independent protagonist.


Juicy Romance in the Casino Web Series (Hindi)

You can smell interesting scenes, juicy romance and sensual dialogues in the trailer. The Casino will leave you hot and gasping your breath for sure.

The Casino - My Game My Rules ZEE5
indian streaming shows 2020

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Source:  An OTT Platform ZEE5.com


Casino Effect – review verdict

If you truly enjoy casino books, movies and TV shows, The Casino episodes will surely impress you will sloth jackpots, big deals, and make you feel the weight of casino chips in your hands. There is copious amounts of palpable energy in the room and insane amount of money is always on the line here.


Shot in beautiful picturesque locations across Nepal, The Casino will take your breath away with its glitz, glamour and gritty action. There are a lot of intimate scenes in the show. The Casino is all about taking chances, if you are a risk taker in real life, this show is perfect fit for you.


Casino TV Show details

Episodes: 11 Genre: Action, Thriller Language: Hindi (subtitles Hindi) Censor rating: A

Streaming on: ZEE5 Duration: 25 minutes/10 episodes


How to Watch The Casino Series

Download the ZEE5 app on your tablet or mobile phone, you can also watch it on the browser. Create an account and search for ‘The Casino’.


The Casino Indiain Series – Trailer

‘The Casino – My Game. My Rules’ promises to be an exciting web series thriller by ZEE5. Who will win the #MyGameMyRules battle? Stay hooked, the premiers on 10 April 2020.

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zee5 original web series - The Casino
The Casino Web Series full Review

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  1. It seems like an interesting series, never seen anything on Casino on Indian series so far. How many episodes are these in the first season?


  2. Thanks for the detailed review. I was looking for what to watch next and this seems like an interesting plot. A very different backdrop as well.


  3. I am on binge watching web series these days;and quite hooked onto it. This would too make an interesting watch .


  4. Indeed the casino plot sounds intriguing, and performance in series by cast is looks entertaining. Looking forward to this web series


  5. I am highly impressed with the start cast and story plot also sounds exciting to me. will watch this for sure. thanks for sharing detail review.


  6. I dont like gambling shows but Casino web series sound very interesting. ZEE5 has some action packed line up worth watching.


  7. I’m so intrigued reading the review of this thriller Story based on the Casino . It does looks like having all aspects that a viewer would love to watch.


  8. Hey I like both these actors. I’ve watched many of their series. And I love thrillers too! On my list. Thanks.


  9. Zee5 has some really interesting contents and I found most if their shows very engaging. I would love to watch this show too.


  10. Watch The Casino on the ZEE5 OTT player, starring Karanvir Bohra, Mandana Karimi, Aindrita Ray, and Sudhanshu Pandey. After the death of his mother, Vicky, heir of a multi-billion casino, falls into the trap laid by Rehana, his father’s mistress. Things change when Camilla enters Vicky’s life and challenges Rehana’s dominance.


  11. Directed by Hardik Gajjar, ‘The Casino’ features a racy crime thriller plot which is packed with twists, romance, and a lot of steamy scenes. The main cast includes a captivating Mandana Karimi in the role of a hot manipulator while Sudhanshu Pandey is cast as ‘Mr. Marwah who is a stinking rich casino tycoon. Karanvir Bohra plays the role of Vicky Marwah, son of Mr. Marwah, the billionaire. Rehana, played by Mandana tries to grab a huge chunk of the casino empire while it is now up to Vicky Marwah to take a call if he would like to stake claim to the billions before it is too late. The show aims to throw light on the dark side of the casinos, the sources of money, and the empire of networks that revolve around it. A detailed review of ‘The Casino: My Game My Rules’ will follow. You can watch The Casino: My Game, My Rules web series online on ZEE5.


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