What is HiPi App? Is it similar to TikTok? Is HiPi App Indian?

Why is TikTok like Indian App HiPi more interesting? Read everything you need to know about HiPi Mobile App by Zee5 that has similar interface like TikTok

 What are TikTok like Indian Apps, was the first question I googled when the Government banned 59 Chinese apps in June. Most of us did, didn’t we? We were looking for some Made-in-India TikTok alternatives that could fill in the gap and keep those creative juices flowing, be it posting interesting DIY beauty hacks, home chef crash courses, watching slice of life PJs or watching lip syncing in loops.

Fact is, TikTok users are looking for an alternative, preferably an Indian one as there has never been a better time than now to be VocalForLocal, for most of us.

So it’s welcome news that  ZEE5 is launching TikTok like short video platform HiPi.

 What is the HiPi app?

Naturally, everyone is curious to know about which exact app is most suitable for their liking, which TikTok like app will go trending next. So here could be the answer.

Made for an Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, HiPi has been in the market for a few months and was called HyperShots earlier. Just like TikTok, HiPi is a user generated short video “super app for entertainment”, offering videos upto 90 seconds. Users can get likes and find themselves getting famous on the app.

What is the HiPi app?

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Is it similar to TikTok?

HiPi is like TikTok where videos created by users, celebrities and social media influencers will provide entertainment and tips across all genres. HiPi will be available FREE for everyone and its ad-supported format may be available on subscription-based service eventually.


Why is TikTok like Indian App HiPi more interesting?

That’s one interesting answer we all want to know, before we decide to hop on and start using HiPi, right? Well, for starters, HiPi is an offering from Homegrown OTT platform ZEE5. If you are like me who has loved ‘The Casino – My Game. My Rules’, ‘MentalHood’ and other trending Web Series on ZEE5 then HiPi app is something that is sure to make a mark.

And then, unlike TikTok which caps Lip-Synced videos at 15 sec, leaving me with that feeling to watch a little more, HiPi videos will be over a minute long.


What is HiPi all about?

As ZEE5 stated

“The name HiPi comes from the vision of a youthful and carefree planet where everyone can express themselves with freedom and confidence. A fun place where users can uninhibitedly and unapologetically be themselves without the fear of being judged. ZEE5’s HiPi is driven by the vision to encourage self-expression and it aims to unlock the potential talent that this country has by inviting talented and diverse content creators who are seeking a platform that encourages creativity and paves the way to stardom.”

Loved this post on What is HiPi App? Is it similar to TikTok? Is HiPi App Indian?

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Made in India TikTok Alternative


  1. Wow that’s a great news tht this app works like Tiktok as many of the heart were broken when tiktok was shut down.. I thought definitely going to download and check out…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Even though I was never a fan of TikTok, banning it meant a lot of people lost a platform to showcase their talent. Glad to know about this new app HiPi being an alternative.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wow..thats good to know. I don’t use tiktok but I heard many were not very happy when they banned its use. I am sure its a wonderful news for the tiktok lovers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I barely used tiktok and now comes another one. Perhaps I’ll download it when many people I know keep posting fun things on Instagram like they did for tiktok…


  5. Banning of tiktok has disappointed many people and launching of hipi is a great news for them. Zee5 is doing great job and this one is another feather in their cap.


  6. I miss Tiktok a lot. Hipi seems similar to Tiktok. The thing I liked that it gives us more screen time in comparison to Tiktok which is 15sec


  7. I sm so happy that Zee5 came with the best version of tiktok as HiPi is our own Indian app . I will use it for sure.


  8. This is interesting, I didn’t know about this app, i will check it out, now I am using Reels since its b IG themselves. 1 min is good screen time.


  9. Oh I think it is a new app in the market and the first thing that came to my mind was if it is a Chinese app. However, it is good to know that it is an offering from Zee5 .


  10. Even I seem to miss tik-tok a lot it was one of my favourite past time. Also this new app is a lot like tik-tok just a good thing is that it allows much more screen time that is a few extra seconds then what tik-tok actually allowed


  11. This is quite interesting, to be honest, I didn’t know about this app. With all these features I am sure this app will be an instant hit 🙂


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