Is London Confidential a REAL story about China Involvement | Movie Review

Mouni Roy London Confidential Review

“London Confidential” is Mouni Roy’s latest crime thriller movie streaming on ZEE5. Read full movie reviews, rating and story here!

Is London Confidential movie about another virus? Or is it the story of China’s involvement in the spread of coronavirus? Does the plot of London Confidential explore the possibility of another virus outbreak and a possible involvement of China or the Chinese Communist Party? Curious to know, read on.

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London Confidential ZEE5 Review

London Confidential release date: 18th September 2020 Language:Hindi Censor rating: A

Genre: Crime, Drama, thriller movie – dark


Times of India: 2.5 out of 5

Hindustan Times: 3 out of 5

IMDB: 7.4 out of 10

The Quint: 4 out of 5

London Confidential movie length

1h 17 mins

Trivia: London Confidential is the first Bollywood film to be shot and released during COVID-19 pandemic

London Confidential” Poster

Image Credit: ZEE5.COM London Confidential

London Confidential” Story

A pandemic thriller, “London Confidential” is the story of post coronavirus world where two RAW agents stationed in London, have gathered strong evidence indicating the involvement of China in the spread of virus that’s deadlier than the coronavirus. There are unconfirmed rumours of the virus spreading on the Indo China border at an alarming rate. Indian Intel has put its finest to work and RAW agents Mouni Roy as Uma Kulkarni and Purab Kohli as Arjun Kumar go undercover to expose the conspiracy. Officer Uma Kulkarni is sure there a mole in the Indian embassy helping the Chinese.

Can she find the mole? Can she find the #TheTraitorWithin? Watch the movie #LondonConfidential to know.

The genre of the movie is an investigative crime thriller, dark.

“London Confidential” Star Cast

Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kiren Jogi, Kulraj Randhawa, Sagar Arya

Producer: Mohit Chhabra, Ajay Rai Director: Kanwal Sethi Writer: Hussain Zaidi

Image Credit: ZEE5.COM London Confidential

Character Performances in “London Confidential”

Mouni Roy takes centre stage, as a deadly spy agent and brings the character to life.  Kulraj Randhawa seen as the Indian Ambassador to UK has a strong screen presence and Purab Kohli delivers packed scenes as a solid undercover agent.

London-Confidential Mouni Roy Char

WHY “London Confidential” a ZEE5 Original Movie is Exciting to Watch

London Confidential is an addictive spy thriller that is very crisp, keeps you guessing and is entirely shot in London. Expect action packed scenes and a lot of thrill. The narration is fearless and keeps you hooked on right till the end.

Where to watch London Confidential” movie?

You can watch “London Confidential” movie on ZEE5 movies.

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“London Confidential” Trailer

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  1. I enjoyed reading your review. I have watched the movie and enjoyed it, but did not realise that this is a completely pandemic times shot movie – wow! so much work has gone into this and it definitely shows in the narration and quality of the movie and the actors.


  2. The topic of thd story sounds interesting ; a virus deadlier than Covid-19 ! Wao! Im intrigued to know more! Also. I like Puran Kohli ‘s acting prowess; so must watch for him too,
    Must say i loved your style if reviewing; got me hooked


  3. The movie seems to capture the pulse of its audience. Your review has now compelled me to add it to the weekend-binge-watch list. Great review.


  4. I loved watching this movie as it stars 2 of my favorite actors mouni and purab. The storyline is good and interesting as we see how RAW agents live and work. It isn’t easy for them.


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