15+ Movies on Diwali for Teens | Best Bollywood movies that capture Diwali essense

Diwali movies hindi for teens

This Diwali light up your home with trending decoration materials, make Diwali snacks like homemade sweets, shankar pali, laddoos and namkeen and organise a Diwali party. Here is a list of best movies on Diwali for kids that capture the essense of Diwali festivities so well.

Also check out the latest upcoming Diwali movie releases for 2022 along with OTT movies that are to be released around Diwali this year.

90s Hindi Movie on Diwali

These are some amazing hindi movies which leave you with a 90s glimpse of Diwali, you will watch traditional way of celebrating Diwali.

1.            Mohabbatein

2.            Mujhe kuchh kehna Hai

3.            Joh Jeeta wahi Sikandar

4.            Raju ban gaya Gentlemen

5.            Vaastav

6.            Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

7.            Aisha

8.            Bimbisara

Upcoming Hindi Movies

Some very funny and breathtaking movies releasing soon.

1.            Ram setu

2.            Thank God

3.            Sardar

4.            Prince

OTT to be Released Movies 2022

These movies are going to release next week, so check them out and have fun.

1.            Maja Maa


3.            Timepass

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