Can custom-made jewellery be actually cheaper yet BETTER than store bought ones?

For jewellery designer Meera Agrawal, working on a bespoke piece of ornament comes from genuine excitement to craft every single piece for her clients. The drive here is to deliver finest and purest form of diamond, polkis, gold and precious stones without carrying a staggering price tag.

Red Earrings

An MBA in Finance and having career spanning multiple geographies, she understands what the well-travelled, well versed women today are looking for. They are on the hunt for wearable pieces which are impeccably crafted, beautifully designed, and don’t need to be relegated to the bank vault for most of the year.

Under 1 lac

Many want their old jewellery melted down in order to have pieces made that please them better.  A birthday or wedding milestone calls for statement pieces that unite with their personal style. It is interesting to see the pace at which Indians have started moving towards custom made jewellery rather than buying what’s on the menu so to speak.

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Starting 80k

How does it work out better yet CHEAPER?

Borrowing from her family business in gems and precious stones,  Meera dips into a huge network of trusted suppliers to source all raw materials at wholesale rates. The resultant jewellery gets passed on to the customer at pre-retail prices.

Having grown up in a family that deals in emeralds, sapphire, fine jewellery & couture jewellery, she inherits a deep understanding of stones, quality & cut. So the raw materials used in your commissioned jewellery are “best” that your allocated budget can buy. There is good transparency in disclosing the quality & grade of diamonds, gemstones or gold used in your ornament. Every jewel is supported by a certificate. With high rated clarity, your jewellery dazzles extra from its store bought counterparts.

Top that up with an eye for numerous elegant design options that Meera generously shares with her clients, her attention to smallest details and a team of outstanding craftsmen result in one of a kind pieces.  Her forte lies in combining vibrant colors with exotic stones, classic motifs, and geometric shapes.


Whether you want to be a beautiful summer bride with diamonds & emeralds or you are planning a traditional Indian wedding, you will be delighted by a wide variety of exquisite design options customized to meet your personal taste and requirements.


Those cute Simba eardrops, a pink crown pendants or fun dolphin bracelets, try something special for the precious little one in your life – a niece, a granddaughter or your own little munchkin.  Birthdays, academic achievements, new born celebrations, Raksha bandhan or Diwali, there is something that can always be custom made to your occasion for your girl can never have enough jewellery!


Whether you are looking at spending a few thousands or tens of thousands, Meera can custom make a jewellery for every day, everywhere and every occasion for happy clients are best advertisements that money can’t buy!


Meera Agrawal lives in Mumbai. To schedule an appointment, call her on +91-9920924176 or send an email to


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