5 easy ways to ditch PROCESSED food and start preparing at home

As I am inching closer to 40, Oh I so dread that, gosh! But ya that’s a truth you or I cannot overlook. As a natural precursor to that, I have been inching closer to a healthier lifestyle year after another. Moving up from being a 15min-walk-is-my-workout to 1 hours strength training, thrice a week,  I have also almost halved the intake of processed food in my diet.


Surprised? Halved ? YES and let me tell you it’s not difficult at all.



So say, I love orange juice with omelet and toast. It feels so restaurant styled and refreshing. Now, instead of pouring it from the carton which comes loaded with added sugar, preservatives, additives and stabilizers, I have trained my maid to juice it out fresh. The catch here is to have a maid who can do this, but yes look at the benefits that I and my whole family is reaping. Totally worth it. We also vary orange with other season fruits like pomegranate, apple and watermelon.


Maida, oh we have totally banned it from our kitchen. And I bake my own tea cake, with whole wheat, and sometimes I also substitute sugar with jagerry powder. You may find this really useful Baking Basics – All you need to know as a first time baker . Atta kachori, mathris, paratha, everything is made with whole wheat atta instead of maida in my kitchen.


How can I not tell you the super easy way to make dosa batter at home – sans baking soda, sans preservatives? I bet, you can easily adopt this ONE change.


From time immemorial I have been a big fan of hot & sour soup. I love the tanginess of this soup so I had been picking tonnes of those soup sachets from supermarket. It’s only recently that I have mastered the art of making mouthwatering fresh soups at home and I had had to never look back even once!  You may wanna try this really unbelievable soup! Go ahead, give it a shot, atleast once.

Sweet And Tangy Beetroot Soup Recipe That My Kids LOVE. Can’t Believe, Try It Yourself


Maggi, ah isn’t that impossible? It is so damn addictive. But guess what, masala oats comes really really close in taste. And its oats vs deep fried maida ! Taa-daaa


There are many more processed foods that I have ditched and starting preparing at home. I could go on and on, but these are top of my mind recall. I hope you found this useful and relevant.


What changes have you made in your kitchen? I would love to read them in the comments.


Thank you Mahak of BabyAndBeyond for introducing me to this blog party. Mahak calls herself  a cloth diapering, babywearing, lactivisim advocating, gentle parenting, cosleeping, mommy-baby yoga practising, DIYing supermom. Coming up from her is an insightful post. Stay tuned.


I would also like to introduce Maria Islam of The Lyrical Momma She equates babies with hyms of the purest forms. Stay tuned to read about her next post.

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    1. Wow, thank you Anshu. I stared baking this year infact, for it was so difficult to resist those when out at the supermarket. It was such a good decision to learn baking, I am much easier on store bought maida-teacakes now


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