Why Are Moms Always Tired, Even After A Full Night’s Sleep

Yes, I think I sleep almost the right amount, read close to 7 or 7.5 hours. And that’s almost uninterrupted now that my kids sleep though the night. But if you ask me this question, the answer is still a YES. I feel tired and exhausted even after a full night’s sleep.

Tired 1

You could argue that a low Vit D or sedentary life could be at work. But none apply in my case. I do have all my medical stats in green as I write this.   And I am a fitness freak. Maybe that’s the reason and I will talk about that in a bit.

But the main reason for my fatigue is

my habit of trying to find out the RIGHT things. I tend to do too much background work. Be it about finding the right & age appropriate books, augmenting school learning with homebased hands-on experiences or working on hobby classes like art, music etc. Then there are things like bulling and personal safely that need to be first learnt by me and then taught to the kids. Thinking about how to enrich their lives a bit more everyday than yesterday. I do tend to tell myself that I do these beacuse I WANT to do these. But then getting all this in order for 2 kids is a full-time job. That being a SAHM, that’s what I am supposed to be doing. But with the information overload, the internet is constantly ON in my life.  That brings me to the next topic. Life without Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram wasn’t bad either. I go on the modern day “Vrat” from time to time. Btw “Vrat” here refers to strictly NO intake of social media for a few days. But then it’s a love and hate relationship and I see myself pressing that F and green cloud icon more often than I would ideally like to.

Continuing on the fitness story that I started sometime back, there is an innate desire to stay slim, look good, eat healthy, wear the right clothes, appear presentable AND have some form of career too. So essentially I am spending a lot of time getting my own life in order. I am sure a lot of mothers here will agree to one if NOT all aspects I have mentioned. We are a lot of overworked mothers and being a SAHM, we feel this is and should be our calling. In a nutshell we have fairly complicated our lives. Something or other is always on our mind. We are a TODO list on heels!

All of this is making us feel very very tired despite a full night’s sleep. I wish our life was more like our parents where kids went to school and spent the rest of their time playing in the “gali”.  We have complicated our lives beyond needed. Alas!


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