6 Simplest And Most Amazing Crafts With Your Empty Cardboard Boxes

Being a SAHM, shopping online is one of my favorite pass-times!! Yes I am kind of shopaholic when it comes to kids. Not to mention the great deals I get on toys, kids accessories and books. So a lot of my shopping happens on Amazon and land up with loads of empty cardboard boxes. If any of you have shopped at Amazon, you can swear by the quality of their packaging.  I like to be environment friendly so I started repurposing these cardboard boxes into kids crafts and toys.

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#1 Hot Wheels Racing Track

What you need: Cardboard box, a shoe box, 3 inch wide duct tape roll and scissors or knife

How to make: For the outer framework of the racing track, cut-off the edges of the shoe box as shown in the picture. Then cut out a rectangle from a cardboard box and place atop the framework to make the ramp. For the lane dividers, cut out 3 thin strips from the same cardboard box, cover them in the duct tape and stick to the rectangle as shown below. Then slit out small portions on the top and place a large scale to hold the cars.

#2 A Summer Tent

What you need: Large and flattish cardboard box, some ribbons for decoration, duct tape & scissors

How to make: Tear off the edges of the cardboard box so that you have a large triangle. Take another edge and make the base of the tent. Then stick the triangle and the base together with a duct tape. Spread a nice colorful mat and place some heavy books so that the tent doesn’t move. Use your own imagination to paint the tent and hang some ribbons.

#3 A Castle right in your child’s bedroom

What you need: Large cardboard box, one that comes with the fridge or AC, thin strings, duct tape & scissors

How to make: This requires a lot of scissor work. So use a large scissor. Every cardboard box has two edges that are openable. Cut-off one of these edges completely to have an open backside. Your child will not feel claustrophobic that way. Cut off the ceiling of the castle and shape as show in the picture. Cut out the main castle gate from the other openable side and stick it alongside the floor of the castle with a duct tape.  Punch holes and tie a thin string on both sides as shown in the picture. Stick the rest of this openable side together with a duct tape. Use your imagination to make a placard with your child’s name and stick to the front of the castle.

#4 An oven to bake the pizza

What you need: Shoe box, one side of a cardboard box, some brightly colored sheets, black marker, duct tape & scissors

How to make: Now that you have a castle and a tent, your child will definitely need a pizza parlor. Sice off the box to make the door of the oven. Cut out 2 small and 2 tiny circles from the brightly colored sheets and make the knobs as shown in the picture. Cut a white sheet into a perfect circle, stick some red circles on it for tomatoes, random back rings for olives and tiny bits of green paper for herbs. Cut out the pizza pan from the cardboard box. Make sure that the sizes match. Your oven, pizza pan and pizza are ready. Start baking !

#5 Storage boxes

What you need: Large cardboard box, colorful wrapping paper, soft strings, glue & scissors


How to make: This one is my favorite as I need a lot of containers to store toys, craft material, all sorts of balls and soft toys. So I make plenty of these. All you need to do is to slit open one side completely and cover the rest with brightly colored wrapping papers both from the indie and outside. You can use a different color for the inside to make it stand out. If you would like to carry them then punch holes and inserts the soft strings, the tie thick knots at both ends to prevent the strings from coming out.

#6 Target Golf

What you need: Cardboard box, duct tape & scissors

How to make: This one is really simple. All you need to do is to slit open one openable side of the cardboard box and cut out 5 to 6 small rectangles to make the holes. You may choose to cover the box colorfully and label the holes. Then place on a rug and roll both the sides gently so that the balls donot roll out of the tracks.

I referred to these sites while making these amazing crafts: 2littlefaces, frugalfun4boys , inhabitat

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