6 Common Mistakes That Even SMART Pregnant Women Make

You are well read, you run a successful career or you are a charismatic homemaker, you think you are in control of things. But are you sure you are not repeating these common mistakes?

Too Late In Applying The Stretch Mark Cream

Did you only start applying stretch mark cream once the stretch marks started showing up? That’s one of the commonest mistakes, unfortunately. The whole idea is to apply the cream well in advance so that your skin readies itself to be elastic enough when the baby bump starts growing.  You may want to start applying it as early as in your 3rd month. The right way to apply cream is immediately after bath, though need to make sure you towel dry yourself fully. I ended up with yeast infection as I wasn’t drying myself FULLY before the application.  Please remember, it’s a prevention method, once the stretch marks appear, little can be done about it. So don’t wait to start application till you start getting them.


Too Much Rest

Okay, you are pregnant but you are not ill. You need rest but if the idea of rest means sleeping through most part of your day then maybe that’s not the best thing for you. We all know how strong our mothers were, managing kitchen and pregnancies amongst other things.  If you stay active – read continue to work as long as its stress-free, light household chores, mild walk or yoga, you will feel fit towards the latter leg of your pregnancy. That by no means is to say that you don’t need extra rest. You do, you must slow down, avoid standing at stretch or lift heavy objects etc. If you are getting stressed out by doing any of these then tone down further, but please avoid napping or being a couch potato through the day.


Is Your Food Really Healthy?

I am not talking about what you eat here. The part that YOU think to be healthy, is it really healthy? When you sit down with your bowl of fruit or salad, make sure you peel them before eating. I know that the most nutritious part of the fruit lies just under its skin, but remember a spotless fruit means it has been showered with layers of pesticide or covered with wax to look fresh. Peel it lightly to get rid of the pesticide and increase your portion size if needed. I know eating fully organic may not be a feasible option but peeling off the harmful element is something you can and must do.



You know that toxins need to be avoided but you never needed to do that more than you do now.  You want to give a healthy start to the new life that is growing within you. Here are some most simple things that you can do

# Switch to steel or glass for storage containers, your plastic container may be well beyond the expiry date and hence turned toxic. Glass and steel never expire

# Say NO to microwave cooking for its obvious side effects.

# Switch to natural products for simple things like soap or body wash, hand wash, body lotion where-ever possible and cost effective. Soap for sure is one thing that is not too expensive and used on your body everyday. It’s a way of life that you will continue with your baby too, once born.

Try to avoid toxin build-up to the extent possible for yourself and then for the baby. Atleast till the time they are small and you have control over them. Toxins have direct linkage to reduced immunity levels, thyroid disorder, skin issues etc.


Not Telling The Truth To The Doctor

There are simple things that can lessen the risk of certain diseases.  Skipping vitamin supplements, iron and calcium can adversely affect not only you but also your fully dependent baby. If you smoke or drink, please don’t try to hide this. If you have not been taking the medicines or nutrition as required, please discuss this with your doctor. Sometimes the SHOUT given by the doctor is good enough reason for you to abide by the prescription!


Do I see you nodding your head in agreement? If your friend or relative is pregnant or planning for a baby, share this with her so that she does not end up repeating these common mistakes.

Image Credit : Pixabay

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