What Nita Ambani Has To Say About The Teenage Novelist Zuni Chopra

All of 15 years, Zuni Chopra doesn’t take long to capture your attention. She has the energy, the voice, the positivity that exhibits confidence which arises from deep talent. A high schooler, Zuni has already written two books on poems and this is her first novel.


She was at Crossword, Mumbai today for the launch of her debut novel, “The House that Spoke”. The book launch was graced by Mrs. Nita M Ambani. While unveiling the book, Mrs. Ambani shared a few thoughts about the budding teenage novelist.


She remembers Zuni as a shy child at the preprimary years of Dhirubhai Ambani International School. As she grew older, she had a distinct spark in her eyes. Zuni could craft words easily and she had an innate ability to express them with humor.  She comes up with impromptu poem for every occasion which captivates the audience effortlessly. Her clarity of thought is highlighted in her prose. She has taken several initiatives for book clubs. Zuni’s wonderful nurturing parents have brought out the best in her. Her success will inspire many more girls and boys to follow their heart and chase their dreams.


A day in the life of Zuni

She prefers to get up early, by 6am so that she gets an hour to write before heading to school. She feels that her best comes out when she has just woken up and her mind is fresh, sitting on her bedside looking out of the window.


Zuni has been a storyteller from her childhood. She gets inspired to write a story when she is convinced that the story may impact someone’s life in a way they have never imagined. That’s when it’s worth writing it down.


So she has set her debut novel in Kashmir. She feels sad that enough and more has been written about Kashmir and its miseries. It’s very unfortunate, Zuni really hopes that Kashmir turns peaceful again. She wanted to base a regular story, a fantasy story in Kashmir revolving around the life of a 14 year old girl Zoon Razdan and her magical house.  Zoon Razdan has deep connection with magic in this story and she can speak to the things in the house.  The author has tried to capture the Kashmir that it was without the conflicts.


And she has done it so beautifully that Masood Husain’s review printed on the back-cover of the pages reads “Reading Zuni’s book was like experiencing all the seasons of Kashmir in my own home.”

Her debut novel is the biggest release from the Penguin Random House publication this year. Zuni Chopra clearly stands out, she is all set to make her mark not only in India but on the world stage.


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