Tuitions for Hindi, are you serious?

Seriously! When a friend told me about Hindi tuitions, I was like really? What are you saying? I mean, we are Indians and Hindi is our National language, last I knew? And Hindi, who doesn’t know how to speak and write in Hindi, if you are from a Hindi speaking state. It’s a different matter if you don’t belong to a Hindi speaking state, but otherwise come-on.


A few years in London or US doesn’t make you forget your mother tongue. It’s as good as your own blood. Does it ever change color? No right. So how did you suddenly forget Hindi?


Fast forward a few years and here I am today. It’s turn to teach my young ones Hindi now!  And God save me. The “small ee ki matra and the big uu ki matra”! I am 100% lost! Gosh who would have believed that I will need to refer to google to get the correct spelling? It’s a different story when YOU have the task of teaching Hindi to your kids. Raise your hand if you can write “shrr” right now!


So obviously I turned to internet and stumbled upon this simple app RBhasha Hindi on suggestion from a friend. If you are an NRI or a non-Hindi speaking Indian mom-dad of a 3-8 year old kid, you especially will find this useful.


What I liked

Apart from learning Hindi alphabets and their matching words, your kid will be guided step by step to write each and every Hindi alphabets and your phone will serve as the slate. This feature was really cool and for slightly older kids, it acts as a good medium to improve handwriting. So both my 4 and 9 year olds use this app.


Every word that is taught on the app is explained by a picture and it corresponding use in the sentence.  And of-course there is a fun element here too. The word transforms into a jig-saw puzzle once your child has read it correctly.


The pace of the instructions in the app is just right for the young ones to follow. Infact the background instructions are available in both Hindi and English. So my nanny can assist the kids, incase I am busy with a chore.


And when your kid is done with the “study part”, they learn to draw simple shapes like spirals, diamonds or objects like an elephant or rocket on the same app.


The fact that this is online really helps little kids! I would definably encourage you to try this app if you’re a parent who is struggling with Hindi.

Name of App: RBhasha

Price : RS 149 for

Link to download:

Image courtesy : aadivasiman

This article was first published on MyCity4Kids under the name Hindi Tuitions! Are You Kidding Me!


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