What’s keeping me so busy despite quitting my job

On certain days, or rather many many days off-late, I have been doing the cook-drop-pick-feed-repeat routine. That’s mainly because (A) my kids are fast growing up into challenging individuals, they have a mind of their own. For now, it’s not only about reminding them to go to bed at 8 pm, it’s also about constantly settling the never-ending negotiations as to why they should sleep at 8, or on time or why on weekends too or why papa is allowed to be still awake etc etc! And that’s just one item in the day, then there are things like, why eat dhoodhi and not rajma everyday, why not watch more TV and so on and so forth! It’s totally exhausting, just writing about it, imagine the real act! EVERYDAY!


Then there is (B) constant change of maids, so additional work of cooking or cleaning or sheer task of training or hiring or the most difficult part of finding a new one! It’s almost never-ending. Every few months, one person goes into the absconding mode and I am back to square one!

Sometimes I really question myself, is there #MoreToMe than this! The master puppeteer of the house? What they call the home-maker in kind words!

Is there some hope of putting my in-depth understanding of the Digital space to good use someday! For I studied Computers for 4 years straight securing a “Distinction” across disciplines, founded a HyperLocal startup and spent a fairly satisfying and successful  10 years across banking sectors.

For I have NO ounce of doubt that I am doing the right thing today, by focusing all my energies on raising my 2 kids. I mean you live only once, and you should do it the way you deem it right! And this is “right” in my scheme of things!

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But of course, I don’t see myself doing the housework in the non-kid hours. I have an OCD to keep my grey cells active and I decide to do that in my own way! I have a pretty successful writing career with 6 million views so far, then there is a travel writing profile that I am building right now and I am proud to announce that a few pictures taken by me have been featured on ET Panache. I did give a serious thought to taking up project-based digital space assignments, but that’s not what I really want to do at this phase in my life!

My aspirations today are different than what they were 15 years back! Today I take pride in me when my daughter says, mamma you are such a confident person. You are so hard-working. You are always there when we need to talk to you, you come to pick us everyday at the bus-stop. My favorite is when they say you are getting famous, your photo is on Momspresso! I may not be that famous but to my kids, I am the star! And that’s what matters.

My own dad, who is himself a successful doctor, was not in favor of me stepping down from my corporate job. Often when I talk to him, I end up saying  “ Don’t know papa, what’s keeping me so busy despite quitting my job”. And he says “Don’t say that, you have a fulltime job of raising your kids and that is enough to keep you fully busy. And then you are so focused on us parents, on building a good life around yourself, on keeping your grey cells active via your presence in the Digital space. You are always evolving, transforming from one space into the next”. I love nature photography and he is very eager to see what I do next there!

And when my husband says, I have a lot of respect for ALL that you are doing with your life, I really feel there is #MoreToMe. Yes, I do think there is #MoreToMe!

Image Coutsey : iLoveIndia

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