How To Get Rid Of Stinky Smell

Smelly SocksAs my boy is growing up I am not only learning to be color-blind but also noseblind. Color-blind as there are only those many shades of blue and grey shirts or tshirts or trousers that are humanly possible to shop for. And nose-blind because it’s only so many times that I can wash his socks (read quite smelly) every single time he comes back from school or football or playground or wet in the rains or blah blah!

It’s not that this is the first time I am trying to be noseblind. How else do you think I survived the diaper days? Every time the soiled diaper made its journey from his nursery to the dustbin, which by the way was kept far flung across the living room, beyond the kitchen in the service area, I held my breath till I almost gagged.

Taking care of the smelly diaper was not my biggest challenge those days, there were other bigger issues like baby not burping or napping or feeding. So I little focused on my own discomfort. Though in hindsight I feel I should have. “Ek spray hi to lagana tha Ambi Pur ka. So simple” I would have had a messy house but it would have still smelled good, like it once used to be.

But let me not digress. Coming back to those smelly socks, I do have challenges as my boy is growing up but yes, the smell of those stinky socks counts as one of my topmost challenges. I want my house, at least the living room to feel and smell like it used to, once-upon-a-time! And mind you, it’s not only his socks but his whole battalion of friends’ too who once in awhile land up at home straight after a full day at the school or a game of sweaty football.

So I have made a wise investment in a whole range of Ambi Pur air purifiers , inspired by none other than the brand Ambassador Boman Irani who claims to have equipped himself with one as self-defense against co-passenger’s “Smelly Socks massacre” while onboard a flight. Mind you, Ambi Pur is non-inflammable and eliminates the smell completely by absorbing it, instead of masking it which usually a perfume would do making the smell to come back in a while. I have one in each fragrance in fact, from sandalwood, rose to jasmine, one for every mood! Thanks for enlightening me #BomanIrani and #NehaDhupia

For more tit-bit on #SkipTheSmell, watch this video Boman Irani and Neha Dhupai jamming at the Ambi Pur Event

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