Am I a Happily Unhappy Mom?

70% of Indian moms are unhappy accordingy to Momspresso’s “Happiness Survey”. Is that a shocking number?


An everyday scene

There has and there will always be 2 things in a day that will not go well vs 8 things that will go as we had envisaged on the journey called parenting. And it’s at these moments that I or any other Indian mother tends to look at the glass as half empty rather than half full.


Why this story?

The cause behind those 2 incidences/day could be anything. Comparison, peer pressure, feeling undervalued, pressure from exam or in-laws.  It could be stubbornness from the child or it could be my own anger. Tell me a mother who doesn’t have anger management issues. And here I am talking about minor kids and not mom to an adult child. Well there, I have a feeling that the story changes.


For example, my own mother feels she is 100% satisfied with her parenting, she has no guilt and her contribution is acknowledged and appreciated by our near and dear ones. For few, she may even be a role model today.


While giving gyaan may come easy now that she has 2 grown up daughters to brag about. I am pretty sure if we were to time travel 30 years back, she would be sailing in the same boat as I am today.


The point I am trying to make is that, as a mother I may have different stress points & triggers because parenting is no easy task. It’s, for the matter, the toughest job in the world which comes without a manual. I don’t have a rule book which says – “In-laws : SHUT EARS” or “Exam marks: CLOSE EYES”.


The manual just says : Bura mat suno, bura mat dekho, bura mat suno. But mother are not robots!


But then again, is there a way to enhance the happiness quotient of Indian mothers.Some interesting stuff are coming soon.  Stay tuned.


Happiness Survey

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