What is the New GENERATION of Johnsons all About, read all here

For many of us, Johnson’s soap was the first baby care item bought as a new parent, but many of us abandoned Johnson’s over time as we heard rumors about their line of item being not suitable anymore. They being harsh or their quality having gone down.

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, does it? So when we heard these sentiments, many of us panicked and thought – what’s the point, let’s use another baby soap or let’s just use my soap. Because news, especially ones like these, spread like wild fire. There was a snowball effect and many moms moved to other baby brands, all the more towards those that were branded as “Natural”.

I wrote in detail about this in my previous post “When You Buy Natural Or Organic, Are They Really Chemical Free?”. In short, do we as common-layman understand the twisted labels and “natural“ ingredient names?

When we chose to move from Johnsons, based on rumors, were we certain that the next product is really better for the baby? Time to answer a few questions then.

1.       Was it a standardized product which had gone through clinical trial and backed by high level of scientific R&D? Or was it some boutique brand, selling a bottle of soap with the term “mild and natural” printed in bold?

2.       Did the label say “Clinically Proven” or just “Clinically Tested”?

3.       Was it US FDA approved?

4.       Most importantly – did you go back and check if the ingredients were NOT the longish Sanskrit names of exactly same ingredients used by Johnsons. Eye opener, isn’t it?

I had the opportunity to attend a few seminars conducted by scientists and eminent spokesperson at Johnsons, and it was interesting to know that Johnson’s has not paid a single penny of fine, till date, in any of the lawsuits filed against it, anywhere in the world. That all the lawsuits unanimously failed to establish scientifically that Johnson’s products are unsuitable for use. That this is the company that has looked after generation of babies and has 125 years of international quality research backing its products.

So why such strong rumors? There is no smoke without fire, right? That brings us to maybe think that there could be many reasons for spreading rumors especially in a competitive and profitable space like baby care where product demand is very high.

Also, to give additional comfort to mothers globally, to take away their worries, to address the concerns around product mildness, Johnson’s has launched a complete new GENERATION of products. Does this mean, there was something really wrong with the old products? The answer is NO, absolutely not. Like I wrote earlier and its public news – not even in one lawsuit, this allegation could ever be established scientifically, globally.

So what is this new GENERATION of Johnson’s products really?

Based on development in science and need for new experiences, a better and improvised version of Johnson’s shampoo, cream, lotion & body wash has been launched. The bottles have also been made tamper-proof and all liquids are visibly transparent and pure. These products had already been free of parabens, phthalate and now sulphates (erstwhile used for emulsifying/foaming) and dyes (erstwhile used for giving mild color) too. New Johnson’s cream gets absorbed faster as the design of the molecules has been improvised for quick absorption. There are fewer ingredients now in each of the products, making it easier for mothers to understand the composition of the product. The new packaging has been designed for single hand operation so that other hand of the mother is free to handle the delicate baby.

In short, the new generation of Johnson’s is a step ahead, its milder and #BestForBaby

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