We Feel Incredibly Lucky To Have Found Each Other, They WHY Divorce Jeff Bezos?

When I first read about Jeff Bezos divorce news, I couldn’t help but feel sad for the family. I mean it wasn’t long back when there was news about Bezos being such a family man, dropping his kids to school himself, driving a modest Honda accord, clearly a vehicle that does not reflect his position or status.


The founder, chairman, CEO, and president of Amazon with a personal wealth of more than a 100 billion dollars, Bezos choices in life perhaps makes him a much likeable person. His philanthropy works, all the wonderful stuff he does at Amazon, makes millions of people around the globe look up to him.


So when news of his crumbling marriage breaks out, it doesn’t sound fair. I mean, deep in my heart I want to see happy faces, hand in hand, setting couple goals. You may call me old fashioned, but I am just being truthful here.


Especially when the joint divorce statement reads,

“We feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and deeply grateful for every one of the years we have been married to each other. If we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all over again. We’ve had such a great life together”


So why did he give up on his marriage after working on it for 25 years?  If you’d do it again all over then why not work on it now and keep the commitment to each other?


One tends to wonder, what could have possibly gone wrong?


Subsequently the clouds cleared and news of Bezos “cheating” on his wife broke out. But looks like it wasn’t really cheating. The couple had been living separately when he started dating the 49 year old ex TV anchor Lauren Sanchez.


Considering Sanchez is 49 year old, Bezos was clearly not looking for greener pastures (read younger, hotter, and sexier) which is generally seen in high profile divorces.


So then why?

Love evaporates. Couples want different things in life over the years. Which is so often seen everywhere around. Relationships change.  We saw that happening to our grandparents when they we in their 60s, parents, uncles & aunts in their 50s. Is this going to be in 40s for the current generation, we don’t know. Hopefully NOT.


Aggressively amicable divorce has become commonplace for celebrities. “Conscious uncoupling” as it is called is a surely a less acrimonious way to split-up, if at all.


My question is – If the relationship is not abusive, violent or financially un-viable should one allow yourself to grow out of love over the years and step out of marriage?


I will leave that up for debate as I can’t really make up my mind whether one is better vs the other.


Look forward to reading your thoughts on this.



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