Picture essay Bentota, Sri Lanka

If you are in a mood for low cost, quiet & Instagram ready International vacation head down to Sri Lanka. These 10 pictures from our recent holiday in Bentota, a tiny beach town on Sri Lankan Southwest coast will leave you gasping to see more.

Bentota - 2

How perfectly imperfect is this spot! The view from this edge is like being at the end of the world. And the powdery soft sand makes for a pleasant walk around here.

Bentota - 3

This one is a rare gem, its the traditional Srilankan Fishing Boat. You will find one one the Bentota Beach for sure.

Bentota - 4a

Dont forget to click a pic at this spot, it is so intragrammable !

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Bentota - 5
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When the roots are double your own height!

Take a sneak peak into the Indian Ocean waters!


Bentota - 6

Bentota - 7

Life here is – One coconut, two straws!

Bentota - 8

These are Sri Lankan pineapples, dont dare eat them! They are not edible, just pretty to look at.

sri lanka

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Bentota - 44

Watch this space, lots coming up on Sri Lanka

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