A chance to be a MOM, Thanks to Assisted Reproductive Technology!

It had first been a more polite remark like “When are you giving us good news bahu?”

Then it turned to “Haven’t had a baby, what are you waiting for?” OR “Why did you wait so long, you were too focused on career. Now see what it has ended in. You are not getting any younger, are you?”


And now she often heard remarks on lineage and upbringing thrown her way very casually “Only if her parents had taken even little care of her, we wouldn’t be in such childless state today”

The tears of disappointment and frustration welled up inside Aparna. Why hasn’t she been able to bear a child while everyone around is getting pregnant so easily. She felt her confidence dwindling, her hopes vanishing and her life going into some sort of whirl-wind.

At first her gynecologist had said – “For some people it takes time. Keep “trying” and take the pre-natal vitamins”. When that did not bear results, Aparna took to other seemingly natural courses – observing a fast, visiting a panditji, trying out alternate medicine, to name a few.  For she would do anything to NOT remain childless.  It was one thing to not be able to bear a child but it was a completely different scale to get a constant reminder from practically everyone around her. Constant reminder of her failure to conceive, a constant reminder that she was not a complete woman. She has almost internalized that now.

Aparna buried her head in a pillow and cried inconsolably at nights when test after test came negative. At every onset of period, she was devastated. She wished there was somebody who could guide her to the right path. Guide her to the right fertility treatment, for there were so many. She had moved from one doctor to another, from one fertility centre to another, she had undergone so many medical tests and procedure, in the hope that if one does not work, the other would. She was very confused, and worried at times – what if the treatments were not being done the right way? She wished, someone cold guide her to the right place where she had a good chance of having a baby.

Like Aparna, there are many women around us – friends, acquaintances, online friends  – who are going through this struggle, who are facing this turmoil. They are willing to go to any length but unable to find the right path, the right line of treatment or the right fertility centre.

To top it all, a women’s failure to conceive often makes her feel extremely lonely and isolated. Fertility treatment can get very difficult and emotionally draining.  Which is why NOVA IVI Fertility, the leading fertility treatment faculty in the country believes in having a team of counsellors at EVERY centre, all of whom are qualified and trained to provide psychological support while the patient is undergoing treatment.

Notably, the IVI fertility treatment has one of the best success rates. On an average, a high percentage of couples that consult Nova IVI due to problems with infertility and put their trust in Nova IVI achieve their goal of becoming parents over four cycles. Nova IVI Fertility Centre is one of the largest service providers in this space, celebrating 25000 pregnancies as we speak. The focus is on getting the country’s most experienced team of internationally acclaimed doctors and embryologists to work with the patient.  Here, the embryologists are trained and monitored by IVI Spain – the world’s leader in fertility treatment.

At the centre, once a series of relevant tests are concluded, the doctor in-charge chooses a line of treatment that is most likely to succeed. Cost of treatment is mentioned upfront keeping the treatment ethical and transparent.

I chose to write about NOVA IVI Fertility here as I feel this piece of information is important for you and me to share with women in our circle who are seeking this help. You may be able to help someone like Aparna, who busy being a mother of twins today. Someone who is going through this struggle and be part of making her seemingly impossible dream come true.  

Author’s note: Winner of multiple healthcare awards and awarded the best fertility chain year after year, NOVA IVI Fertility is focused on employing the country’s most experienced team of experts, world class operating standards and smart labs. NOVA IVI Fertility also provides state of art technologies such as preserving embryos and eggs which significantly improve the chances of a pregnancy following IVI even in patients with multiple previous failures. To know in detail, head to the website www.novaivifertility.com


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