Must-have Footwear for your Little Girl

The way one carries themself highly depends on their footwear. The right footwear makes one look complete and complements one’s outfit. Even if one happens to not wear the best outfit, shoes tend to elevate the entire look. They complete one’s wardrobe and also help to express their style. Everyone has their own styles but when it comes to footwear, there are some basic shoes that every girl would want to have. Having these shoes will ensure that there never is an occasion where one doesn’t have the right look on their feet.

In case one wants footwear that is both, comfortable and stylish, one should definitely have the following pairs of shoes:


Loafers are shoes that do not have laces or any sort of fastening and are instead simply slipped on the foot. For this reason, they are also sometimes referred to as slip-ons. There are various types of girls  loafers such as apron-toe loafers, tassel loafers and high-heeled loafers. However usually, loafers have a low heel or no heel. They are the perfect casual shoes for your little girl to wear. Loafers can be worn along with jeans, shorts, dresses, you name it!


If your little girl is into athletic activities, sneakers will offer a certain kind of support that no other type of shoes can offer. Sneakers have a rubber sole with a good grip which will prevent your kid from slipping or tumbling. Also, sneakers can be worn as casual wear and would go well with almost all outfits that your kid wears.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are beautiful looking flat shoes that offer comfort as well as aesthetics. They are inspired by women’s ballet shoes and have a very thin heel or no heel at all. Ballet flats can be adjusted and tightened to the wearer’s foot by means of a string tie. Ballet flats are very comfortable and will look adorable on your little girl when paired with cute frocks.


Flipflops are shoes that allow one’s feet to breathe. They are casual shoes that are comfortable and can be worn while going for walks in a park, on the beach etc. They are an easy grab and go for and also come in many designs and colours. Your little girl can pair them up along with sundresses and shorts.


Sandals are usually preferred because they are a lightweight footwear which are easily accessible and also breathable. One can just slip on a pair of sandals and go forth their activities. They are also usually waterproof and are made to handle outdoors. If your kid is an outdoor person, sandals are a must!

Myntra offers a wide variety of different types of shoes for girls at a very affordable price. They have the best brands and there is a plethora of options in colours too, ranging from lavender, pastel blue, sage green to neutral colours. Your little girl will surely run around in comfort with Myntra’s collection of girls shoes.

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