7 Types Of Moms When It Comes To Feeding Their Kids

As I write about parenting, I have realized that I have pickup this rather comical habit of observing anything and everything through a magnifying glass. Be it good or bad, I don’t know. But here we are to have some fun today. So tell me what’s your type?

 Mom Types

#1 I will Cook myself, Serve myself and Clean myself

She decides to do everything herself because she wants everything to be given in the purest form. She wants the proportions to be right, she wants to serve parathas piping hot and lassi at the right coolness. She wipes the lunchbox herself before packing the food. That’s pretty much my mom!

#2 The Read and Forget  

She sticks food charts and meal plans on her refrigerator. She clicks pictures of easy to make recipes when reading newspaper or magazines. She bookmarks interesting food presentation ideas. She wishes to have variety on her dinner table and she intends to make the food look exciting. But in the madness of her daily routine she forgets to actually do it.

#3 As long as it’s the Maid Feeding

She is the supermom. She wants the best for her baby, as long as it’s the maid feeding! She meticulously plans out her kid’s meal menu. She packs in 3 portions of veggies and 2 portions of fruit, a dryfruit snack, 2 glasses of milk and an egg in her kid’s diet. She believes that habit formation happens in the early years. She wants to expose her child to many kinds of food in his early years so that he will continue to eat them later in his life. She wants to lay the right foundation for the child considering the maid’s whole life revolves around this one kid.  But when this job falls on her tender ego, she refer to the cheat sheet! This mom is more like me!


#4 She “Thinks” she is Feeding Healthy

She orders brown bread for her homemade sandwich. She feeds only tetra packed fruit beverages and not aerated beverages. She stacks up her freezer with homemade pasta sauce to be used for the entire month. She treats her kids regularly to ice-creams as it has milk. She thinks she is feeding really heathy food while not noticing the % of wheat flour in the brown bread, the amount of added sugar in the juice, the nutrition lost during long periods of deep freezing and the amount of fat in the ice-cream. They finds the “#6 health conscious moms” unbearable and the feelings are reciprocated by #6.

#5 I Never Worry in Life

God knows, how much I envy this mom. She lives her life without any worry. She is totally bindass. Bacche hai, bade ho jayenge. Jab dil karega khana kha lenge. I wish, how I wish, I could copy that cool attitude.

#6 The Health Conscious

She is an exact contrast of the #5. She is very very focused on inculcating the right eating habits. She ensures her child gets all the must-haves in his nutrition. If she has 2 kids who fall under different age categories, she buys separate heath drinks suited to each of them. She knows that the younger kid needs specialized nutrition as 90% of brain development happens in the first 6 years of life. She is conscious about picking packaged items that have natural ingredients, are free of artificial colors and preservatives. In all probability she is a heath freak herself and sees value in fostering the same habit in her child.


#7 Mealtime means Screentime

She could be a very busy mom, she maybe a TV addict herself or she may think that some amount of screen-time is good. Reasons could be any but she strategically coincides the mealtime with screen-time.  Whatever it is, mealtimes are a breeze for her.

Author’s note: The ideas here is to be non-judgmental and have some fun. So tell me, what is your type mommy?

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