5 Minutes Snack Ideas For Working-Moms To Impress Your Guests

If you need snacking ideas that are under 5 minutes, are easy to make, uses simple ingredients found in your kitchen and will impress your guests then you will love this collection. All of them are made with deliciously thick and creamy Greek Yogurt, so it will be easy to digest, will have extra milk protein & calcium making it a healthier snack. To top it, all these 6 recipes taste delicious.

You can try different variations of these recipes for repeat guests. Just change the topping, fruits or the flavor of the yogurt used.img-20170818-59965cfac5459

All you will need to stock at home for this entire collection of under 5 minute recipes are Greek Yogurt packs and tea cakes. Other ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, cornflakes, muesli, fresh fruits, Nutella and jams are readily available in every kitchen.




1 serving of Nestle a+ Greekyo strawberry and mango yogurt each, a bowl of banana, apples & pear peeled and cut into bite size pieces



Line a tray with baking sheet. Pick each fruit piece with a toothpick and dunk generously in the yogurt. Bananas and apples go well with strawberry yogurt and pear with mango yogurt. Place the fruit pieces on the lined tray and deep freeze for half an hour. You can try this with other combinations of seasonal fruits and yogurts.




1 serving of Nestle a+ Greekyo plain or strawberry/raspberry yogurt, 1 tbsp of muesli, 1 tbsp of cornflakes, 1 slice tea cake or biscuits, 1tsp of jam. A scoop of vanilla ice-cream optional


Take a wide mouth glass and layer with a tbsp of yogurt. Add a spoon of cornflakes, pour some yogurt. Next layer with a few small crumbs of tea cake or biscuits and pour some more yogurt.  Finally add a spoon of muesli, add the jam and pour the remaining yogurt. Top it with some homemade jam. You can add a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream if you want this to be a filling meal cum dessert.

Serve immediately to keep it crunchy.




1 serving of plain Nestle a+ Greekyo yogurt, a spoonful of Nutella or more as per your taste


Add a spoonful of Nutella to the plain Greek yogurt to make your perfect dessert. Sweet, chocolatey, full of protein and easy to digest. This can also be served as a dip alongside fresh cut fruits.




1 serving of flavored Nestle a+ Greekyo yogurt, cookie/biscotti/tea cake/pancake


Greek yogurt’s rich and creamy textures makes it an excellent substitute for whipped cream. So make that cookie or biscotti or tea cake look exotic with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top. Serve your homemade pancakes with jam and a generous scoop of flavored Greek yogurt.




1 serving of Nestle a+ Greekyo plain yogurt, 2 tbsp honey, a handful of nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachio & some dried fruits like apricots, raisins and figs coarsely chopped


Pour honey over the nuts and mix well so that they are fully coated. Empty the full yogurt serving on this mixture and place the chopped dried fruits on top. Your protein packed and super healthy breakfast sundae is ready to be served.





1 serving of Nestle a+ Greekyo flavored yogurt of your choice, ½ cup oats, 2/3 cup milk, 1tbsp raisins, 1 banana, seasona cut fuits, Choco chips optional


Pour all the ingredients in a jar and shake well.  Cover the lid of the jar tightly and refrigerate overnight. Remove the lid, the porridge will be soft and gooey. You can serve it chilled. To make a milkshake add an extra cups of milk and blend in the morning just before serving. This will give it a creamy texture. Top it with some cut fruits of your choice and sprinkle some Choco chips.

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