One Single Step to Avoid Stretchmarks During Pregnancy

Yes that’s true. There is NO rocket science here. While you may already be doing everything recommended by your gynecologist, from keeping yourself hydrated, staying active or exercising to taking the right supplements, this is 1 step we ALL seem to discount or ignore or postpone for post-delivery stage.

Stretch Marks

And that one single and simple step is to moisture the stretch mark prone area with Vitamin E cream right from the time you are 3 month pregnant. Yes you read it right, from the time you are 3 month pregnant all the way till delivery.


Mind you stretch mark prone area comprises abdomen, which is the most visible part, thighs and buttocks. If you are on heavier side then include your lower back and hips too. While that might sound like a really long list, you may atleast want to focus on your abdomen area for there is no remedy to stretch marks. You can only pre-empt it by taking appropriate measures in time. Once stretchmarks appear on your body, it is almost impossible to get rid of it fully. It can diminish overtime with a lot more effort than you would have put originally to preempt it. Still it rarely disappears completely.


While some of us do take action on the gynecologist’s advice of keeping the stretchmarks prone area moisturized, we make the mistake of going in for jazzier products like Shea butter and the likes. But what we really need is plain vitamin E cream which will prepare the skin for providing the necessary elasticity when the baby bump will start to expand. Evion aloe vera and vitamin E cream from Merck pharma is what I stuck to during both my pregnancies. And NO, this post is not an advertisement of Evion.


Also remember that the best time to apply the cream is after bath, when the skin is still soft. That doesn’t mean you apply it on wet skin because that lead to itchy fungal infection during my second pregnancy. You need to towel dry your skin FULLY and then apply the cream, not too little and not too much, on the stretch mark prone areas.


Mommy-to-be, trust me this has worked really well for my 2 pregnancies and I personally know atleast a dozen others who swear by its effectiveness. Atleast there in no harm in trying.


Not a parenting expert, trying to be a better parent one day at a time.

If you have any queries, you can ask me in the comment box.


  1. A very crucial regime of self care, I had no inkling about this during my tenure nor read it anywhere hence suffered for earlier 8 months, however when realized missing something very important immediately pickup up stretch marks oil.


    1. I think most of us end up with bad stretch marks as we don’t know its more of a PREVENTIVE thing than CORRECTIVE. Please do share with us the name of the oil that worked for you GleefulBlogger


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