Am I Closer To My Mom At 35?

Am I getting closer to my mom as I am growing older? Am I more affectionate than I was earlier? Did my perception of her undergo a huge overhaul after having to raise my own kids? The answer to all of these, I guess we all know, is a BIG YES


When I was 16 and my mother frowned at me for talking too much to boys or bunking lectures for movies, buying short dresses or not finishing that unimaginably full glass of milk? I would just go mental. I remember getting very embarrassed and mad opening my lunchbox which always had a fruit while others feasted on samosas and ice-creams.

Mom and Me

Fast forward 20 years, my mom has long forgiven my lunacy.


As I got married, as I had kids, as I entered my thirties or to sum it all up, as I matured from being a rebel girl to a responsible woman, my love and admiration for her has grown, like a zillion times.


When my mom says, “look, that’s my daughter”, the pride she felt when I founded my startup. I can almost feel the twinkle in her eyes everytime she “Likes” or “Shares “my Trending posts or celebrity selfies. So what that it was me taking the selfie with the celebrity and not the other way round at the event.  My mom is my entire fan club. She never even misses to remind me of how confident I was as a child when she senses my insecurities. Never forgetting to tell how capable I am on my own to take on the world. To pursue my own dreams too, to never put myself in the backseat, to live every moment of today.


She is my guiding light, she is my strength in moments of weakness with kids, husband or career.


For one I know that parents are not getting any younger and I want to give them back more than what’s due while they are still around. My eyes swell up at the very thought of those last words. So I am going to stop writing now as I need to make that very important call of the day, which I never want to miss from today on.

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