Who Can #ReleaseThePressure During Exams For Your Child?

Today, there are so many reasons for children to feel the pressure to perform during exams. Your child may want to get good marks so as to be eligible at a university of her choice. She may want to score well to keep peer pressure at bay. She may feel the pressure from within to perform well. Different children also have different development pace and she may actually intellectually be not fully capable of handling her current syllabus. But can you totally take away the pressure?


Probably not. But then can you help #ReleaseThePressure ? Definitely YES, by spending some light moments with her, by avoiding over-attention, by being a good listener and most importantly with your unconditional love.

Zuni Chopra, daughter of Anupama Chopra, penned down this compelling poem to create awareness around the pressure during exams. To pledge, visit www.releasethepressure.in.  #ReleaseThePressure

The Mountain Range – by Zuni Chopra

Exams. The word is a boulder

Crushing, fierce, snowballing down

The steepest of hills

The sharpest of slopes

And yet

It reaches the greatest of heights –

Learning. Growing. Living.


When the climb grows treacherous

And fog smears the mountain’s peak

And climbing leads nowhere but thick grey mist

And falling leads nowhere but failure

When the pressure from the clouds, from the sun, from the hail

Grows too much for a climber to bear

A tent is thrown over the slicing winds

A sanctuary in the snowy tempest –



A warm meal from mother for dinner

A pat on the back from father

A giggle from a sibling

An air that does not hang heavy

With percentage, ranking, marks

But swirls playfully through the merry chatter

Suffused with hope, with dreams, with unconditional love

A Wonderland in the world of Exams

Releasing the pressure.

EXAMS. Exams. exams.


And the climber bursts out once more

With heart and courage and sight beyond the fog

The air pumping through their young lungs

The mountain no less a challenge

But now no longer a test of worth

Rather a journey of self-learning.


We ask all parents

Do not let the wind tear holes in your tent

Do not let dunes of snow trample down upon it

Do not let the mountain daunt those inside it

And trust that the mountain will soon be conquered

Only for the climber to look eagerly for another.


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