Have You Been Bitten By The Travel Bug Too?

Yes, that’s a terrible bug and it leads to serious health states like “happiness, feeling light, grinning ear-to-ear, feeling stress-free, lack of headache, feeling alive” and a dozen other similar symptoms! Have you been bitten by this bug yet?


Here are some symptoms that can tell if you have been bitten by this bug too.


#1 Outside of work, your screen time is limited to searching for flight and hotel deals only. And you have been caught in the ACT, searching for these, late at nights, not once but many times.


#2 You smartphone is ALWAYS low on memory because you never really got time to transfer those amazing travel pictures from your last holiday. And it’s time for the next one already.


#3 Your yearly budget has a dedicated fund for travel which could be the main reason why you haven’t bought your Apple20160530_194926 watch or MAC yet.


#4 You live on Facebook from one holiday to another, with long periods of hibernation in between trips.


#5  You haven’t gotten yourself to say NO to a travel offer, EVER.  And you are okay to manage all other commitments around this!


#6 Your favorite site is Tripadvisor not Google


#7 You can say hello and good-bye in 5 different languages, could be more!


#8 Your loft boasts of suitcases in every size. Weekend drives, long holiday, feather-light foldable bags for trekking, sturdy backpacks for every member of the family etc. You have basically invested in one for every type of holiday.


#9 You have color-coded all the long weekends in 2018 already!


Is your answer a TICK to more than one of the above symptoms? Congratulations, you have definitely been bitten by this terrible bug. Your prescription is to book your next destination immediately for you were not meant to go to work, pay your bills and die. You were meant to work-travel-save-repeat!!


Bon Voyage my friend!

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