Not every child has the luxury to leave Delhi and settle in Goa

If you have been following the TOI for last few days, you know what I mean. In the wake of unbearable air pollution, a select few have come forward with the idea of abandoning their adobe in Delhi and moving on to lesser polluted havens like Goa and Kolkata.  Cool that may sound and I may even secretly visualize myself living in a beach bungalow, enjoying the cool pure sea breeze while tossing fresh seafood but that visual doesn’t last more than a few seconds. For the truth is that this is NOT even a distant reality for 99.99% of the population. Pollution


I may not be able to find the right job or a job for that matter in a habitable town of my choice. I may have a whole extended family living-in with me, kids’ education, the impossible task of shifting a fully successful business and there are a host of other valid reasons. It may not be practical for many to move out of their adobe in Delhi, atleast not in near future. But then what do you do?


The air quality is not improving anytime soon. High levels of pollution in Delhi have been a threat to the wellbeing of Delhi-ites for the longest time.  The odd-even days traffic rule, restriction on diesel powered buses-trucks and old vehicles, ban on firecrackers during Diwali, a lot has been tried and a lot more remains to be implemented. And the pollution issue is not topical, mind you. Yes the schools have been declared shut last few days, but then for how many days can they go shut?


Once the schools open, it’s probably a good idea to make the children wear Dettol’s siti shield anti-pollution mask when out on the streets as it will provide protection against PM2.5 pollution particles. The mask has a smart valve on the inside of the shield that pushes the exhaled air out of the mask. The fabric is quite soft and comfortable to wear and it’s multiple filtration layers restrict most of the particles from crossing over. Kids age 7 years and above can comfortably wear it and benefit from it, sizes M and L can be worn by grow-ups.


That’s one effective way to save the lungs of our young India from serious damage in the current situation. But then even when the smog is gone, there is a persistent high level of pollution that is there to protect against. Can the children be allowed to play outdoors even when the visible pollution is gone? Invisible and high level of pollution is here to stay. And that’s really sad news.

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