I Want to Become the BEST Version of Myself in the Year 2018

It’s not that every year I don’t make a list of resolutions. But this year is a bit different. While everybody else is busy building their resolution list, my resolution is summed up in just one line – “I want to become the BEST version of myself in the year 2018”. Trust me, I am very determined to achieve this.

And here is what it really translates into!


#1 Be more GRATEFUL

I think I do feel grateful for things I have in my life but then there are days that I feel low. For it could be anybody from kids to husband, in-laws and particularly maid. Noone is perfect, isn’t it? The key is to look at the glass as half full and not quarter empty. So in the New Year I want to minimize the number of instances of quarter empty.


#2 Stop procrastinating, Start doing

My annual health checkup, PF related work and many other personal things never make it to my TODO list, because there is always a “tomorrow” when I will be able to do it. Result – a big mess of incomplete tasks, unfinished dreams and unachieved aspirations. If I want to get back to work, I will start looking for the right fit opportunity. If I want to get back in shape, I will align my diet and exercises to my goals. If I want to develop a hobby, let me develop one this New Year!


#3 Book An-hour-a-day solely for ME

Yes, I was very busy as a full-time working mom and I am super busy now as a SAHM. I never thought that’s how it would turn out to be when I decided to call it quits. But then so is life.

What about the zillion things I always wanted to learn? Swimming, vocals, dancing, growing a flower bed, meeting distant relatives or just doing nothing for a bit. Once the kids get back to school after the winter break, I am gonna set aside an hour a day solely to myself.


#4 Less screentime

And how else do you think that one hour in the day be suddenly available for me? Ofcourse I need to get off the screen. Dear friends, please brace yourself for delayed WhatsApp responses, no comments on forwards, delay in wishing HBD on facebook and no show on Instagram.


#5 Become more charismatic

I don’t exactly know how that happens but I am gonna try doing a few things

– Listen more and speak less and more importantly, avoid interrupting a conversation

– Have genuine interest in the conversation

– Humor is very important and foremost in life

– Be well read and develop in-depth knowledge on matters of relevance

– Show empathy and not sympathy


#6 More CONTROL over emotions

That’s one thing I have been working on, year after year. It’s sort of a constant entry in my list and I can confidently say that I am NOT getting worse, if not better!


#7 Carve out time for PEOPLE who matter

Despite busy schedules and everyday pressures, I promise to make time for people who matter in this New Year. For parents fall within the immediate circle of trust and are usually given due attention, others like grandparents, uncles & aunts, in-laws, some needy neighbor or old friends/colleagues often get sidelined.

Many a time, the spouse is sidelined, which is most terrible. I am going to make a list of people who matter to me and make sure to carve out plenty of time for them in the years to come.


Learn to be happier with your life for one thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.


Agree with me? What are your top 3 goals for the year 2018?

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