How do you STOP your garbage bins from stinking?

This may sound very very familiar. You have extended family visiting, a lot of cooking has happened in the kitchen and the dustbins are overflowing with the peels and leftover food from the previous night. You are eagerly waiting for the cleaning maid to turn up and make your kitchen look like how you would want to showcase to your guests. But the lady is smarter, she does a NO show and calls in to say she will turn up only in the evening! Sounds familiar? You feel so irritable, the smell from the garbage bins in unbearable, the sights of the unwashed dishes is repulsive.

Ambipure 2

Today morning I had a similar situation. I had invited a friend over to my house, our kids are in the same grade. After dropping the kids to school, we drove back together to my house. We had planned to chill at my place, bond over a cuppa and head back to school later for pickup.

My cleaning maid has keys to my house and she works with some supersonic speed. I think it’s a Mumbai-Bai thing. By the time I return from school, she manages to have washed all the dishes, stacked all the jars back in its place, mopped the floor and started work for the rest of the house. I sometimes feel, she can give automatic dishwasher makers a run for money!

So I expect the kitchen to be ready when I enter back into my house. But not today! Today was just not meant to be my day! I wanted to brew some hot chai for us and I walked into the kitchen with my friend only to find the whole area to be in as much mess as I had left behind! You know how all the dirty kitchen utensils are just stacked one on top of the other after the morning school-office madness. And the “good”lady had not even cared to call me.

It was so embarrassing, especially the smell from the bin and leftover food on the plate. It’s for such eventful days that my bottle of Ambipur comes really really handy. One generous spray on the unwashed dishes, a few sprays in the bin area and one spray just around the kitchen settled the odour! It’s formula doesn’t work on masking the smell, it rather works on eliminating the smell, so the odour does not come back easily.

And thank God for that! I turned my back to the dirty sink area, brewed ourselves piping hot masala chai and the rest of the morning went as planned 🙂

Image courtesy: Stuff

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