What does Freedom mean to me?

Hmm, so what does freedom really mean to me? I am thinking as I am writing this. So what’s the first thought that comes to my mind on the topic? Let’s see!

Seeing the Republic Day parade – NO
A day off – Maybe, but nah, not really

I would say, freedom to me really = (equals) to be able to do WHAT I WANT.

If I want to wear a denim and loose fitting tee, not a salwar kurti dupatta to the temple, I can do so with my head held high. With no stares from onlookers. If I want to have non-veg food on Tuesdays because devotion comes from within and not with what I eat or not eat, I should have the right to do so without being judged or imposed.

Freedom to me means, to be able to go out at 7pm for a run without having any doubt about personal safety. To be able to stand-up for my locality when I see someone dropping empty wafer packets on the sidewalk rather than in the nearby bin.


Freedom to me means, taking pride in being an Indian, being who I am. I can go on and on, but I would rather keep this short. For freedom today is not about bringing in a revolution, it’s about feeling it in everyday life!

What does freedom mean to you? What was your first thought?

This blog post is part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Nayantara from MommyingbabyT for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Priyanka from MommynShanaya and suggest you to read her views on the prompt, ‘What Does Freedom Mean To You’.


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