A Different Kind Of Toy This Time

My kids are quite fond of toys, like any other kids. And many times I give in to their demands, especially with my older child who is 9 years old now. I love to let them experience and experiment, because kids are small only once, right! They have so many questions; their curious minds are so inquisitive. I believe they learn a lot through observation and role play. Over last so many years we have ended up with a pile of toys that cover almost everything that a little girl can play with!Piramal.jpg

I love to buy diverse kind of toys for them, so I was very happy when I got to know about this toy-kit which actually lets the kid see a seed grow into a tiny plant; a toy kit for my little kids to grow their first plants. If you live in an urban city like me, where most people don’t have a garden of their own, you will really appreciate receiving a kit which contains tiny germination pots, droppers to sprinkle just the right amount of water, soil pellets and a gardening tray shaped like the map of India.

The Jungle Magic Garden Sciencz kit had 7 types of seed sachets; from mustard to green gram and marigold! It also had an illustrated manual which talked about sunshine facts for Indian plants, flowers, fruits and trees. My kids found it very interesting to know that every state in India specializes in growing a different kind of crop. They were in so much awe to see the tiny germinating seed flip around and give way to its first leaves, how the first leaves were so very different than the subsequent leaves. They were so thrilled to watch that every plant grew at its own pace.

The manual also had some super cool experiments like, how to change the color of white roses or carnations or how to grow a ginger or carrot top from used vegetables.

One experiment about the effect of contaminated soil on plant growth went a long way in explaining the effects of pollution on the environment. I think it really got them thinking!

How do you plant a seed?

What does a sapling look like?

How much should you water a plant?

Not only my kids, but also their set of friends who visited us every day, now had real answers to these questions. My family was totally in love with this “different” kind of toy I had bought for them this time.

Their illustrated manual lists a step by step guide through the process of becoming a budding botanist! How cool is that, if you are a nature lover yourself! I am a big nature lover myself; I was so thrilled to see my kids grow their own green thumb on the terrace.

This kit is suitable for kids in their primary years; I think it can be purchased online too. You will need to look for Jungle Magic Garden Sciencz – explore the magical world of Botany by Piramal Healthcare. It has 20 cool experiments.

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