Arm-Candy Or Pills – My Life Lesson From This #Sridevi

There was so much speculation about the legend Sridevi’s death since the time the news broke out. From allegations of pills to botox, stress there was just about anything and everything being said about the legend. Everybody suddenly felt the need to have an opinion on her. Everyone felt the need to criticize her decision to stay beautiful, to stay in the lime light. Many expressed their disgust for people who want to stay slim.

There were stories floating all over Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Google. I almost shut down my WIFI yesterday. Beyond a point, I couldn’t take this.  Celebs live in the public eye, yes agree. But this is NOT the time to judge her, this is the time to celebrate the LEGEND that she was. This is the time to pray for her and this is the time to cherish what she gave to the Indian Cinema. The role model she set at a devoted mother. As filmmaker Shirish Kunder said , “Other people’s deaths are not an opportunity to post our pictures with them.”


What I learn from this is NOT that one shouldn’t work hard towards staying beautiful. Neither is my conclusion that you should stop striving for next once you achieve a level of success. ITS ONE LIFE TO LIVE AND YOU BETTER MAKE IT BIG. But then life can be unpredictable beyond the wildest imagination. So we must embrace what we have got by God’s grace and learn to live every single moment. Know that you are loved by your near and dear ones. Know that your presence is celebrated by many. That you matter, that you must siege the day…..

Sridevi 1

Image Courtesy : Masala

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