Who Rules the WORLD – Girls

There has never been and there will never be a better time for living on this planet as the softer gender, for being born as a girl and for going on with your life as a woman. Challenges, well yes, have always been around and will always exist. But this Women’s day I want to tell you my TOP reasons why I love being a woman.


My top reasons why I being a Woman is AWESOME

Here they are, not necessarily in that order

# There are a zillion things we are better at

Multi-tasking, being patient, shopping for the full clan, making friends, making interesting conversations aka bitching, growing a garden, assembling a pretty house, and a lot more that we are just superior at!


# We are better looking species

Do I say more?


# AND we have an option to become one, if we weren’t manufactured like one

Makeup, hair rebonding, eyebrow shaping, skin polishing, the options are many. If there is a WILL, there definitely is a WAY!


# Our wardrobe is not just tshirt OR shirt

And thank God for that. We have a wide spectrum of themes to choose from.  Sari to Shorts! Heels to boots ! And turquoise nail liquor to blood red! Which also equals that we have a zillion excuses to rush shopping!

# We love SHOPPING

Technically speaking, we are burning calories while shopping. Definitely much more than the couch potato who’s favorite Sunday pastime is to watch TV all day long, with a bag of chips and beer!

# Its okay if we CRY

It’s perfectly normal if we cry. Sometimes it may just help getting our way with things! Boyz think hard, what’s your answer to this!

# All of this + Brain Power

Yes, we can manage to get a new look every single day PLUS we have brains!

So who Rules the WORLDSay GIRLS

This blog post is a part of  #Womensdayblogparty . I’d like to thank  Sonam Tiwari for introducing me. Read her post for this blog party here  Also do go to my friend Kriti Gupta blog post on DesiFlavorsOfLife to read her perspective on the topic.



  1. Mandavi, I just loved reading this. I have always spent my life in self-doubt and to top it the societal norms and pressure just made me hate my birth as a woman. But your post with that jovial tone seems to uplift my spirits even more!!! I am a fying bird now!! ❤


  2. Absolutely we rule and with elan!! Love being a woman and agree with every point you listed. These reasons make me enjoy womanhood every single day!


  3. Women always rules the world 🌎,love the woman in me and totally agree with your all points,especially we have more in our wardrobe than shirts & tshirts and it’s okay to cry


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