Embarrassing Things That My Kids Tell the Neighbors #LightHumor

How often has this happened to you that you are chatting with your neighbor or are in the elevator with a friend. Your seemingly innocent child juts in unexpectedly and says something totally cute that makes you go red faced and you want the earth to swallow you up that very moment. It has happened to me like a zillion times!


Raise your hand if any of these have happened to you too!


#1 Child: Mom, you look unwell.

Me : Yes baby, stomach bug

Child: Oh, can I watch TV?

Like are you kidding me. This is like “Mauke pe Chauka”!



#2 Another classic is this one! There is a small store in our building which sells chocolates, biscuits etc. The bad part being that this store is enroute to the playground. So I have noticed that if my kids see the neighbor aunty headed to the shop, they tag along and lingers around till the time my friend actually offers “Beta do you want something?” Like I never buy them chocolates or chips EVER! I mean I go easy on junk food but it’s not that they are starved or anything! They get a lot of variety of delicious food at home. But these kids are way too smart when they want their way with chocolates and chips!



#3 I was in my home town recently and my kid blurted out to my neighbor – “You are so lucky, you have a bike not a car.” What he really meant was that a bike ride is so much more fun than being cooped up and belted in a car. But imagine the takeaway the neighbor had who co-incidentally has a relatedly modest standard of living! That day I was so embarrassed that I wanted to disappear.




#4 One day our kids were in playground and I was busy chatting with my neighbor, as usual.

Child:  You are so lucky, you get Parle G biscuits in your lunch box.

Child’s friend: Why?

Child: In my house only my didi (maid) gets Parle G, we don’t get it. We only get these – Read that as either home-baked or imported or high quality whole wheat biscuits.



#5 “Everytime papa gives me a kiss, he gives my mamma also a kiss, not fair!” What do you say to that?


Having a kid really means to NOT only have your heart roam outside forever but also your modesty, your secrets, and your deepest inner thoughts!


Now that you have read this and found solace in the fact that you are not alone in this roller coaster ride called parenting, enjoy the rest of your day!


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