What is Multitasking, I say one word – MOTHERHOOD

If someone asks me what is mutitasking and I will say look at me, I can carry a screaming toddler, a glass of milk, talk on phome and beat the shit out of you for looking at me as if I was crazy. Arent you nodding your head after reading this?

Few days back I found myself doing this! That’s when I realized how much we moms value every single idle second in our life. The 3 seconds that I found idle while my throat and mouth were working in tandem on gargling, I judiciously decided to spend on reading the oh-not-so-important WhatsApp messages. How smart to beat the timeclock and get the best out of the 6 times a day I need to gargle during my sore throat days!



This is hilarious Now, okay. But that’s the most decent, if I may say, of the ways I multitask! There was a time when my dear colleague  was found doing this! Yes using her baby’s cute bum as a mousepad! How smart is that! Burp the baby all the way while enjoying your time online!

What about those endless hours I spent breastfeeding! Raise your hand now, if any of you were caught doing this ! Or if you would LOVED to have done this while you were at it! I would have. Nice hot oil hair massage at the minimum.

Now how many of you are guilty of this ! Tell me, tell me. Be frank now. Ok, maybe not laptop but you must be reading newspaper, magazine or reading online on ipad or phone while your baby has been fruitfully occupied with blocks or puzzles, yes coloring.

Selfies, ah yea! How can we forget that? Aren’t best selfies are taken in those 15 peaceful AND uninterrupted seconds that you get to look into the mirror of the lift? Or in the car en-route to the school or birthday party.

Yes, and the toilet! Let me not even delve there lest some of you start opening your dark insider secrets !!

Which is your favorite multitasking spot mommies?

#1 Whatsapping while gargling

#2 Using baby’s bum as mousepad

#3 Breastfeeding = Spa time

#4 Squeezing in some ME time when with baby

#5 Lift time = Selfie time

#6 Ofcourse the much controversial washroom time!


Image courtesy : keypersonofinfluence,  businessinsider, dreamstime, playinggrownups

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