Are You Consuming Fruits At The Wrong Time?


While I firmly believe that you NEED NOT do calibrated eating at all times, this is more for you if you eat fruits with the larger intent of benefit than taste. I am not an expert on the topic but here are some simple adjustments that have shown good results for me and my family.


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Immediately after breakfast, lunch or dinner

I think, for most of us, that’s the favorite time to munch on a bowl full of fruits. Like my nutritionist says, fresh fruits are like cash, they are ready to be invested. So if you line them after complex food items, the cash will not get used.

After milk

This is the worst time to consume fruits. After infancy, our body produces less lactose and lactose is the enzyme that helps people to digest milk. Recent research has shown that milk takes almost 6-7 hours to digest fully hence slowing the absorption form any other food category. Only purely sweet and ripe fruits like mango can be combined with milk.

After tea or coffee

Tea-coffee affects our body’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins. Hence it’s best to avoid consuming fruits shortly after drinking tea or coffee if you are concerned about nutritional deficiencies.

Immediately before sleeping

Around bedtime, our body powers down so as to prepare for sleep.  A fruit intake at this time spikes our energy levels owing to its high simple sugar content. Hence it’s best to avoid fruits past dinner time.

So practically, the rule of thumb is that fruit should go first before any other food groups. So juggle your meal plan a bit and set aside a time for fruit consumption. Over a period of about 6 months, I noticed tremendous improvement in immunity levels for my whole family. I also make sure to peel the fruit as 80-90% of the pesticides reside on the skin of the fruit. Though I know that the layer immediately beneath the skin of the fruit is very nutritious, the damage caused by the consumption of pesticides outweighs the benefits. Also washing hands properly before touching food is non-negotiable in my house. In case the fruit or fresh juice is to be consumed more than 20 minutes from the time I cut it, I cover it with airtight foil paper to minimize nutrition loss.


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