Ultimate Holiday Packing Checklist for Fashionable Busy Mom

Bookmark this page so that you can refer to it closer to your travel date as packing mishaps can range from embarrassing to disastrous. This packing checklist will help you pack well, everytime you travel.


Destination: Off to the Beach

Quick dry towel


Beach Tote bag, I almost always forget to pack this

Light weight Picnic mats

Swimsuit coverups

Waterproof watch

Portable speakers


Large beach hats

Portable Jewelry case to store valuables



Toner or Rose water

Your favorite book or magazine

The obvious – Swimsuits, googles, sunglasses,  light cotton clothing, sunscreen, beach-toys , beach ball, selfie stick


Destination: Going to the Hills

Hot chocolate sachets

Thermosteel 500 ml flask

Ski caps or beanies

Nylon foldable backpack, I find this very handy as I can stuff all the woolens for family of 4, while on the go

Selfie stick

Waterproof footwear

Socks and stockings

Fashion boots


Long sleeved shirts

Homemade khadha, amla drops and tulsi syrups

The obvious – The woolens & raincheaters


Destination: All set for WildLife

DSLR Camera

Energy bars


Mosquito patch

Earth colored clothing – this is what I meant when I said disastrous

Battery pack

The obvious – A guide book, maps and headset for silent music


Destination: Going on a Heritage trip

Travel journal


Stylish dresses in vibrant colors

Mojaris, crocs, platform heels or or peep toes shoes, whatever is your style

Selfie stick

Glucon D or Tang handy packets

Empty bags to bring back memorabilia & things bought during binge shopping

The obvious – Foldable umbrellas, sunscreens, prickly heat talcum  powder



Destination: Off to Grandparents

Belts that can be loosened as I tend to return 2 kg richer in terms of belly fat J

Plenty of intent to sleep

A huge appetite for gossip

Presents for everyone

The obvious-  Everything else, read the next line



Adapters, travel pillows, eye mask, dresses, undergarments, belts, smart luggage locks, toiletries, first aid, makeup bag.

Packing List 2.jpg


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