Offbeat NORWAY vs All-in-one FRANCE

Are you busy flipping though various travel sites, desperately wanting to close down on your next travel destination. I mean its almost summer break time now.


WORRY NOT, in my series of posts I am going to be unfolding a few exotic locations for you to consider and hopefully with a little bit of planning you will be able to take your brood out on vacation.

Today I am going to share my experiences in France vs Norway. What I liked, why to go & what to expect.

Duration: 2 weeks


Are you the kind who loves nature? Do you love snow? Have you ever seen a Fjord? Do you fancy living in a log cabin house? Do you want to see the midnight sun? Do you want to see a real Stave church, (from the movie Frozen)? Do you wish to escape the summer heat fully? Then you must head to Norway.

Norway 11

But if you fancy Disney, if you are in a mood to explore history, if you want to visit larger than life places like the Louvre Museum and see the Mona Lisa, back you bags to explore France.

Lavande en Provence, village provençal en France



Norway is once-in-a lifetime destination. It’s the most scenic country in my opinion. The Norwegians have a way with food. Their breads are extra dark brown, packed with nuts and layered with seeds yet very soft and scrumptious. The watermelons are grown on their organic patch, their seafood tastes extra fresh as this part of the world is yet to see polluted waters. One of the most efficient people in the world, one single Norwegian can man the check-in desk, spread the buffet breakfast and clear the dirty dishes. Nature has been particularly generous to the Norwegians, especially if you plan to stay up the Arctic line. In the Lofotan Islands, you can stand by the Norwegian traditional seasonal house Rorbu and wonder which way is the sky. These lake houses are built on land with one end on poles which is in the lake. The reflection of the mountains in the water here are so clear that you will have to really make an effort to look up towards the sky to believe that you are not standing upside down. Such is nature here.


Viking museums, Nobel Peace Prize Center, hiking, cliff-climbing are some of the very few of the many many experiences you can expect in Norway. I will hopefully be posting my itinerary soon in another post. But in a nutshell, you will be more outdoorsy here, with occasion visits to museums or palaces


France is a different story.  A French holiday is a little bit of everything bundled together in one single holiday. Go to Paris for the BIG city feel, to ogle at the top tourist sites in the world. There are endless number of museums here. If you were to describe Paris in one word, that word would be GRAND. The rows of Museums and Castles don’t seem to end here.  Take in the architecture, history & culture and when you are had your dose of Paris, leave the crowd behind and explore the picture perfect beaches in the French Riviera. Stay in a Chateau and treat yourself to luxury. Or make your own scent at a perfume making workshop in Grasse.


You can plan for a few days on the cruise in both Norway and France. You can do a few cycling trails at both destinations. My personal recommendation would be to head to Norway, to see the path less travelled. But it will be interesting to know what you decide.


Planning a different destination? Where are you headed? Drop a line in the comment box

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