Here is why time spent with Nana-Nanu is the Ultimate Summer Holiday destination

Being a small town girl, I grew up with fond memories of summer holidays spent in nani-ghar. Those 1.5 months of carefree life, spent in semi-urban, semi-rural settings are the most affectionate bonding moments with my nana, nani and mama. There was almost no TV then, no friends and no fancy toys in those days but our days were filled with exciting adventures like collecting flowers from the temple garden, building imaginary doll-houses and digging in on uncountable number of mangoes.

It doesn’t feel like 25 years have passed since, the memories have lasted a lifetime.


As I have moved on myself to that stage, now that I take my own kids to undoubtedly the BEST summer holiday place, their nana-nanu-ghar, I eagerly look forward to this month-long absolute relaxation and chillout.


Here is why I think Nana-Nanu ghar is the Ultimate Summer Holiday destination   


I can switch off totally

I can sleep as much as I want

I can eat whatever I like and my mom makes my favorite dishes every single day

I don’t have to cook or clean

I don’t have to track grocery

I can chat with my mom as much as I want, gossip or bitch

I get to eat hot food, have hot tea and taste hot gulab-jamuns

I can meet my school friends and cousins

I can hangout at my favorite chaat and pani-puri place, the taste in never same here in Mumbai

My wish is truly, 100% cared for




They can watch TV as much as they want

Their mom gets bossed, for shouting at them

Their nanu makes a make-shift jhoola for them

The house-help is so excited to take them out for chocolates and mithais

Junk is fully allowed in nanihaal

And nani’s food tastes so much more delicious

They get to eat papads and home-made gulabjamuns to their heart’s content.

They can be silly

They are never said NO to a toy, story or outing

They can get away with terrible things like spilling milk, breaking a jar or spilling paint

They always get many goodies when coming back

They feel totally pampered



A little bit of my childhood

A little bit of their own childhood

What more could they ask for, a little bit of EVRYTHING that matters.


What do you say? Do you look forward to getting back to your favorite place in the whole world, every single year?


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