5 Types Of Moms You Will Find When It Comes To Baby Care #Funny

Before I had kids, I knew only one kind of shopping – window shopping! Yes, I picked what I liked. As simple as that. Fasts forward 5 years, today I am ready to walk a full extra mile at the drop of a hat, start believing in myths & superstition at the same time googling everything possible and leaving no stone unturned to know about everything related to baby care.  Caring for the baby becomes our most rewarding experience and we eventually evolve into one of these types. Read on and have some fun while you are at it.

#1 Imported ONLY, please

This mom loves to splurge. Picture her wearing high heels and designer totes ONLY. She is a total fashionista who will NOT settle for anything less than a designer baby, if choice be. Imported diapers, imported rash cream, imported baby solid food, imported formula milk, could even be imported potty seat! No offense but that’s my SISTER!!!!


#2 Homemade is GOD-made

On the very contrary is this mom, who is fortunate to be backed by a strong army of ultra-knowledgeable baa, saasumaa, mummy, bhabhi, chaachi and kaamwali maushi. This mom seems to be on-top of any and every baby care related aspect.


Homemade everyday soap made with besan, malai & curd, hand-churned ghee, homemade daliyas, home stitched cotton nappies, home-made & hand ground dryfruit powder and much more. Mother’s breastmilk is her cure to every baby problem – pimples, chapped lips to colic. From curry, neem to unpronounceable jari-booti names, she has a homemade cure for every problem.


#3 Gifted

She has been gifted piles of baby clothes, baby care products, baby albums, baby memorabilia and every single of them is precious to her. So much so that she won’t part even with old outgrown mittens.  She has to compulsively use every single of them, for her own reasons, before she heads out to the store to pick new ones. She may just ask her husband to bring home some baby regime items, as per what he deems right.


#4 I was a Johnson’s baby. My baby will be a Johnson’s baby

That’s 90% of us. Like any other new parent, her very FIRST baby purchase was a Johnson’s soap and powder. My own grandmaa bought Johnson’s baby soap and powder when my sister and cousins were born, back then 35 years back.  My whole generation was a Johnson’s baby. We believe if our own mothers trusted Johnsons there is NO reason for us to look any further. It worked wonders for us, it gotta work for our babies. Its mild, safe, it’s clinically proven, not just tested.  Their 5 level safety process meets the highest US FDA standards. Her first memory of the newborn is almost always the sweet smell of the baby powder.


#5 Test-Drive anything new in the market

She is a compulsive buyer. She may already know what is good, tried and tested but she just loves to try new things. And her baby is her newest asset. From nylon-free wipes to color changing cloth diapers, she will have it all in her baby’s fast growing wardrobe. She loves to go twining with her baby. So every new purchase for herself is clubbed with a purchase for the baby. Be it matching tees, hairbands or shoes, body creams or bath gels. Her baby care bottles are often half finished, some may even have outgrown the age range.  She usually has a lot of stuff, in excellent condition, to giveaway!


Did you have fun reading this? Did you nod your head in a BIG yes? So tell me, what kind were you as a first time mommy?

5 types of moms

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