How To Stop Pimples Forever

I had terrible pimples in my late teenage years which continued all the way into my early twenties. In-fact, the pimple woos got worse when I hit 20. The fact that I got a lot of threading done aggravated pimples around my forehead. Hormones were definitely playing a big role.

North India also gets very hot during summer and extremely humid during monsoons. Pimples seem to thrive during those months as skin gets very oil. And once the pimple makes an appearance, you tend to focus on it in all wrong ways, most of the times unknowingly. Say for example –

  • I used to keep checking on the suppleness of the pimple by hovering my index finger over it, over and over again during the day. In the hope that it may have subsided.
  • If it showed any signs of drying up, I would slowly try to pluck it off. It was sort of just automatic. This obviously never lead to drying up, it rather aggravated the whole situation. In rare case if the pimple had actually almost 90% dried up, plucking definitely seemed to get rid of the blot, but in long run resulted in dark spots.


My roomie, in those days introduced me to Lacto Calamine and the humble bottle became my savior. As there is plenty of time to while away during college days, I started applying Lacto Calamine, thrice a day, atleast twice. And Lord, I applied generous amounts. For I was seeing positive results. Slowly the density of pimples started becoming less, in about 3-5 weeks.


I saw the benefits and continued with the regime. The pimples became lesser and lesser, all of 1-2, occasionally. Over a period of 6-8 months, the ugly dark spots started lightening. What a relief that was.


If anyone asked me today to pick one and only cosmetic to carry to a deserted island, you know what that cosmetic will be. No guesses – Lacto Calamine. That was on the lighter note, but that’s still true.


I did try a lot of home remedies like besan-haldi, sandalwood paste, moong ubtan but none gave permanent results.


I also realized that my t-zone gets very oily, so I use facewash when I feel a lot of stickiness on my face and definitely before bedtime during summer-monsoon months. If I miss this ritual, I tend to get eruptions.


For me, dandruff in hair was also one cause leading to pimples. So is stress, even today. I don’t remember exactly how dandruff went away but stress hasn’t, I don’t think that factor will ever go.


Also, 2 times in recent years, the pimple did not go away despite doing all the above zing-bang. And I had to visit the dermatologist. There seemed to have been some infection at my skin level and I had to take medicine and apply ointments for 3 weeks. I am in my thirties now. The point here being that, there were atleast 2 situations when things did not work out and I had to take medical intervention.


That was my story and I felt it relevant to share here, so that some, if not many, can use this humble lotion and benefit.


For the biggest pimple in the history of pimples decides to show up on the PICTURE day!

Pimples 1

Image Courtesy : dermreston


  1. Good one, I too had this issue. And yes lacto calamine is really effective. When I see any pimple popping out I mix lacto calamine with my moisturiser and apply. Its good for those who have oily skin.


  2. Fortunately, I never faced the problem of pimples. Mine is slightly oily skin though. I know some friends who suffer from pimples. will suggest Lacto calamine to them. Dandruff definitely is another important cause for pimples.


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