Darling, Lets Cancel Today

Aparna put a red Bindi on her forehead, she checked the kajal in her eyes and tidied up her already tidy hair for the third time. She couldn’t help but smile at the pretty girl she saw in the mirror. She was eagerly waiting for the doorbell to ring.

Today Aparna had taken out the mustard yellow mulmul cotton saree, Amit’s favourite colour, from the top rack of her wardrobe. Most of her wedding trousseau and ceremonial clothes were kept there as they weren’t used so frequently. He has bought this saree for her from Lucknow, on one of his office visits.


She could feel the excitement in Amit’s eyes when he would see her dressed up differently today. A good change from everyday salwar kurti or pyjamas. He liked to see her dressed up in Saree and big jhumkas.


Time seemed to stand still for Aparna, she was getting more and more excited in anticipation. And then the  doorbell rang. Ding dong. Ding dong. Aparna adjusted her saree quickly and ran to open the door.


The excitement on Amit’s face was obvious. He gave Aparna a peck on her neck and complimented her.


Aparna was getting all excited about heading out for a romantic dinner date. As that was the PLAN. But Amit announced that their car has had a flat tire which is why he took longer than usual to reach.  “Let’s have dinner at home today honey, we will go out over the weekend.”


Aparna took it with a smile but somewhere deep in her heart she felt very disappointed. She didn’t want to voice it but she was looking forward to a romantic dinner date. It’s wasn’t very often that they ventured out these days, except for running chores. A new ambience, the soft lighting in the cafe, an exotic serving of hot food, the aroma of fresh baked desserts, what a perfect evening she had envisaged. She had taken the effort to dress up, chosen a saree of Amit’s choice, taken the effort to drape the saree, put on his favorite perfume and most of all the baby had also cooperated and slept off in time. Now it was back to dal-khidri.


She didn’t want to disappoint Amit by telling him all this but she felt put off.


There are many days in our lives when we go through similar situation – over small things. A day that doesn’t span out the way we had envisaged. We may feel dejected, disappointed or neglected. It could be a cancelled romantic date, movie plan, a long due holiday, the much awaited visit to myaka. It’s not uncommon to feel resentment.  How do you deal with it?


I would love to read your views, you can write to me in the comment box.

Lets Cancel 1

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  1. Wow, first I love your writing. I was super into it! I was like this is about to be a great excerpt from a novel or something 🙂 I recently got married and sometimes I just wanna go out with my hubby but we opt to stay in and I didn’t realize others had this same feeling. Thank you so much for expressing this beautifully!


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