These 2 Books Will Help You Avoid English Tutions

What worked in our growing up years may not work now.


If you remember our own growing up days were all about knowledge, readers digest, encyclopedias and math tables. That kid who could tell the capital of Guatemala got a standing ovation. For good or for bad, gone are the glorious days of these, now with any and every information being avails at the click of a button (aka google)


Tomorrow is going to be all about good orators, story tellers & effective communicators. EQ (Emotional Quotient) will rule the world for our children and it’s important to understand that today, when our kids are still little.

So what is EQ ?

Emotional quotient is the ability of an individual to recognize their own emotions & those of others and use these emotions information appropriately to guide their thinking process, to adapt to environments and achieve ones goals.

In a nut shell being a good orator or storyteller helps you put across your thoughts in a neater, relatable and interesting manner compared to stating just factual data.


Now if you have bought in to my proposition, let me tell you that contrary to the age old belief that either you are born with social skill or you are NOT, that’s not the case in reality. I for that matter was a complete introvert all through my growing up years, it’s only later in my life, post a few jobs and kids, my personality took a complete U-turn. I believe most of you (assuming you are moms already) would relate to this for your own self.

So no, I don’t agree to this. While a select few are born with excellent story telling skills, the rest of average us develop this life skill over a period of time. So with this line of thought, I have been working with my kids on developing their story telling/building skills.

While my kids read a lot and a variety of good publications (some book lists are mentioned below), which is key to building a strong vocabulary, I have been working with them on learning to create good stories. And I found these 2 books particularly helpful.

The Dinosaurs series is more suited for the 4-7 age group while the Pet Story series is for 8+

As you can see here, these pages are like drawing boards for our young authors. Each page has a rich illustration. Those bright colorful images are worth more than a 1000 words and ideas. There is an interesting opening line for EACH story which helps get the creative juice flowing. I and my child take it on from there and give shape to the story, we build on the tale and we decide how the tale will end.

The ideas depicted here gets their fertile minds thinking. The opener sentence feeds their imagination and many a times mine too. There are hints and tips on each page which help in developing the story. We then decorate our story with stickers that are included in the book.

How have my children benefited?


Overtime, my children have been coming up with some really attention-grabbing stories. They have learnt to structure their thoughts, put them systematically and narrate in shorter sentences. On the immediate front, it has helped my primary schooler in academics, her effective writing skills have improved, I can say drastically since we started this activity. Comprehension is better now as she is getting into the details, analyzing the paragraph before answering.


Moreover, it’s a fun activity, an opportunity for us to bond and spend some quality time together. They take pride in telling that they have written their own story. Definitely a HUGE confidence booster.


This was clearly NOT happening when we were sitting with a blank page and a pen and say “Lets write a story now”. You can try out for yourself. There are a variety of themes available in this series, on amazon, all priced under Rs 200 and can be easily ordered online.


And no, this is NOT a sponsored post. If you have any queries, write to me in the comments and I will be happy to share my experience.

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