‘SuperHero U’ Competition by GlobalShala,| Prizes worth $90,000, Scholarship Opportunity

‘SuperHero U’ Drawing Competition India Scholarship Opportunity GlobalSHala

Looking for an interesting competition for kids and college students with exciting rewards or scholarship opportunities? Read this!

As important life lesson I learned during Lockdown is that we, the human race CAN change our habits and that we are capable of changing FAST. As the greenhouse emissions plummeted across the globe due to the world being locked down in response to the coronavirus pandemic, our sky lit up in spectacular hues of purple, turquoise and orange. We were also treated to the clearest night skies I’d ever seen.

Unfortunately, such dips will do NOTHING to slow climate change unless each one of us convinces ourselves to adopt a green lifestyle. That’s been the most pertinent agenda of the United Nations, and this one-of-a-kind contest by GlobalShala is an initiative to inspire every child to THINK about what they can do to be the change.

Because the children of today are change catalysts of tomorrow!

So, What is ‘Superhero U’ Competition?

Complex modern challenges require innovation, drive and a spark of super power. If you had that power – to bring in a change, what problem would you solve? Imagine yourself as a socio-preneur, with unlimited possibilities.

Express your unique and imaginative idea featuring your superhero taking over universal challenges and utilizing their powers along with social empathy to make the world a better place to live. You could present your superhero in the following ways:

  1. Comic strip
  2. Story illustrations or photo collage
  3. Animated movie
  4. Video or video game

Tip: The theme is inspired by the 5 P’s of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by United Nations – People, Planet, Partnership, Prosperity & Peace and your superhero must have a solution to one of these P’s.

Who can participate in Superhero U Competition?

All young and bright minds can partake in Superhero U.

The Superhero U contest is open to 2 categories: Junior (up to 18 years) and Senior (18 years to 25 years)

How to register for the Superhero U competition in India?

You can register as an individual, or it can be a group entry.  

Click to register for the Superhero U Competition

Superhero U Prizes

Now here’s the most exciting bit! Prizes worth $90,000 are up for grabs. This includes cash prizes, scholarships, internship opportunities, gift cards, and electronic gadgets along with an opportunity to fly to UN New York.

How does Superhero U Competition help my child?

Children thrive on stimulation. Competitions related to United Nations are the best platforms to empower younglings of all ages to widen their horizons and create their own unique vision of a better world.

So, go ahead and register now! Registration is FREE and closes on 18th September, 2020.

About GlobalShala

GlobalShala connects affordable educational opportunities to students who are aiming for international education. They help identify macro and micro-scholarships opportunities, contests and events to enable students to win exciting prizes and garner opportunities.

PS: When you participate in the Superhero U contest through GlobalShala and if you are chosen as one of the winners, you can also earn an additional $10,000 worth scholarships to Northeastern University.

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  1. I really liked this concept. Kid’s creativity knows no boundaries and such contests help in fostering creativity and learning.


  2. I had heard a lot about this amazing competition in Instagram since last few days. I really love the concept and I am sure it will make kids exited to create something new and innovative.


  3. This is great, Superhero U sounds really interesting. I am hearing about such a competition for the first time. Youngsters need such brilliant opportunities to work on their skills to bring out innovative ideas to make the world a better place.


  4. I really liked this concept. This will give a new branch to kid’s creative mind . This is an exciting opportunity for kids I will say.


  5. Heard a lot about Superhero U Competition. Indeed a good way to motivate and paving way for imagination and creativity in kids


  6. I think this is a wonderful way to improve imagination skills in children. we love superheroes right! Great opportunity for kids.


  7. I participated in global Shala this time and my daughter has made a really superhero art and the great contest for kids


  8. This is literally the best platform to showcase the talent of young individials who have lots of creative talent in them.


    1. Wao thats a wonderful opportunity. Kids will get to explore, express & evaluate a lot more through this. And i loved the concept of this contest based on inculcating right vAlues & teaching who should be a Super Hero?


  9. Wao thats a wonderful opportunity. Kids will get to explore, express & evaluate a lot more through this. And i loved the concept of this contest based on inculcating right vAlues & teaching who should be a Super Hero?


  10. Great way or we can say great platform for kids to show their talent. Earlier I so many post on facebook and on Instagram regarding this. Looking forward


  11. Wow, what an exciting contest for little ones who are super hero fanatics. Unfortunately my son is younger to participate in this, but he loves and breathes superheroes.


    1. Hey Amritha, Its lovely to hear from you. This contest is open to kids of all ages and there are prizes for each age category. You may go ahead and submit your entry. All the very best.


  12. I feel that creativity should be nurtured from an early age. The SuperHero U competition will allow all kids to come forward and show their creative side. The scholarship will be like an icing on the cake.


  13. Looks like a great competition for kids. And I really love the concept. This competition surely encourage kids to come forward and show their creativity


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