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Free cloud storage 10GB | pCloud transfer

What do you do when your google drive is full? I feel like a cheesy burst pizza these days, with storage space on all my devices ballooning out from all possible angles. My gmail is at 85% usages, I just bought 3rd hard disk drive and my ipad is low on storage space again.

I create backups for all my family photos and blog documents, because what do you do when the hard drive crashes. It has happened to me once and that was catastrophic. Luckily, a geek was able to recover most data from the failed hard drive, it took 23 hours! That’s just insane stress, right!

Honestly, free cloud storage app has been on my mind since then. If you ask me, the biggest factor that has kept me away from moving my photos to cloud storage has been safety. Will my photos be safe on the cloud?

I am sharing my in-depth pCloud review today and why I feel pCloud is the best cloud storage for my personal use and also as a blogger.

Is pCloud safe? How do I know this?

I trust google for literally everything! Can you believe pCloud is safer. Now, how do I know this?

Well, pCloud ran a Crypto Hacking Challenge where they challenged over 600 hacking organizations, with over 2800 participants, from 92 countries, with a $100,000 reward to anyone who could hack into their encryption. They were given 6 months to hack into pCloud and there were ZERO breaches!

It’s a solid validation that pCloud is RELIABLE and SAFE.

What can be stored on pCloud?

Photos, videos, documents, music/audio

How does pCloud transfer work?

I downloaded pCloud drive on my laptop and pCLoud app on my phone. Once I set the auto upload feature on, it backed up all the folders securely. You can also transfer files & folders manually.

Is pCloud transfer fast?

The speed of pCloud transfer is just amazing! There is no file size limit either.

Is pCloud an app or browser based?

Both! And they are in sync. So, I can upload the all the holiday photos directly from my phone app and access them on laptop anytime. What’s really helpful is that, I can also access these files on my friend’s or colleague’s laptop too by using the web browser version. Just like google drive.

Is pCloud easy to use?

Absolutely. pCloud interface is just like my laptop where I can easily sort and store files.

Find the menu icon in your tray bar to access and manage pCloud Drive at any time.

Can pCloud drive files be shared with colleagues for view/edit?

Yes! Simply right click the file and send via email or DM on twitter, facebook.

How much pCloud storage is free?

Flat 10GB FREE Storage is given free by pCloud upon signup. To sign up go to So that you make the most out of your free cloud storage, which can only happen once you have setup your eco-system properly, they have mandated a set of steps to be completed to claim this 10GB free cloud storage space.

Here is what to expect upon signup:

• 2GB for signing up

• 1GB released for verifying the email account

• 1GB released for uploading a file

• 1GB released for download pCloud drive

• 1GB released for installing pCloud on your phone

• 1GB released for Turn ON Automatic Upload

• Invite Friends and family to join pCloud. Each successful invitation brings you 1GB

What are pCloud paid plans?

Annual plan 500GB : $50

Annual plan 2TB: $100

You can do a onetime purchase for pCloud lifetime plan starting $175 for 500 GB

There is a special package – pCloud Crypto (Military Grade Encryption) for those sensitive documents. Pay-once and get storage for lifetime at $125. No-one except you and only will have access to these sensitive files.

How does pCloud Cryto work?

Using this feature, pCloud encrypts sensitive files on ANY device and makes it invisible to others! That is a massive safety feature for small businesses and bloggers. I can now pass on my laptop to my team or photographer without worrying about private or sensitive data.

Is pCloud lifetime worth it?

It’s been tried by hackers and found to be safe! I don’t need to plug in my hard disk drive anymore, as I can access backup files from my laptop’s toolbar.

File backup speed is amazing, and the interface is so easy to use. Plus, I save on buying new hard disk every 2 years. What more? Is your peace of mind worth just one cup of coffee a day? That is for you to answer now!

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