With you it’s different #Humor

I am much more me, when I am with you. Maybe it’s not about you but about the way you make me feel. I want to be with you for you make my stand out! With you its different. Yes my lovely SHOES, its time I talked about you and my love affair with you.

High heels are my favorite, with you I rule the world. When I put you ON, I transform for it’s impossible to NOT feel sexy in high heels. I feel confident, I feel assertive, and I am more ME when I am with you.

Heels 4

Heels (2).jpg

Peep-toe, what can I say love. I actually feel I speak better in my peep-toes. There is nothing a pair of peep-toe shoes can’t fix.

Flats, don’t underestimate its power. Any day is a perfect day when I am with you darling. You take care of me like none other. You are so gentle on me, you are almost my soulmate.


Wellington Boots, I am smitten by you.


Trainers, LOVE you, LOVE you NOT? Pssst! Cant make up my mind but I am limitless when I am with you. I realize my true potential with you, I climb new heights with you. I for sure CANNOT live without you.



Flip-flops, awwww!! You make my toes feel like they are on vacation. Life is definitely better in a pair of flip-flops.

Ballerinas, buddy you know you are always close to my heart. Thank you for staying so quietly tucked in my tote bag. We go together like cupcakes and frostings. There hasn’t been a dayout when I have parted with you. It doesn’t matter who I go out with, I bring YOU back to my home.

Gladiators – not for me. Period. And I never trust a women in UGLY shoes.

And don’t forget. If I ever bow my head down, it’s only to admire my shoes!! Life is short, wear pretty shoes.

I know its super tough but if you had to choose just one, which would you choose this Valentine ’s Day?

I. A bouquet of Flowers

II. Books

III. Pumps or Stilettos

Come-on, just pick one and tell me now!

This post is a part of the Valentine’s Day blog train hosted by www.prernawahi.com & http://www.vartikasdiary.com, sponsored by Shilpsa,  Kalpavriksha farms & Neha from @bloggingmadeeasier .” and I am writing on the prompt With you it’s different


  1. I just love my shoes,moreover cant live without a pair of heels tat too red hot though I wear it or not🙈 coming to Ur question I wld choose books though I love heels but both I’m in a phase right now wre I’m not allowed to wear heels😋 wat to go👍


    1. Drool over shoes…. Can’t blame you for it. Lovely post and what pics. I wish I could carry heels with elan.
      And as for choosing books and shoes is a dilemma but books would win, I think


  2. Peep Toe and Flats are my all-time favorites. Proper footwear definitely enhances not just the looks but also confidence.


  3. Well they say, “ the first thing you notice about someone subconsciously is their shoes. And after reading your post, I’ve come to realise the no of shoes I have. Loved reading it.


  4. I loved your taste and knowledge on shoes… definitely a wonderful twist to the entire Valentine subject…it’s about love and love thyself and anything that makes you be what you are!!


  5. wow… so many shoes and so much admiration. I still remember the dialog from The American President when the daughter tells her father on his first date “compliment her shoes, girls like it”. Oh !! yes its so true.


  6. Flats is where o o to be but boots beckon me all the time:)
    As for choosing from the last three… a book.. shows.. and bouquets in that order precisely
    Breezy post well done


  7. Ohh heels. ..though they look really sexy but I can’t manage them… but I absolutely loved your take on the prompt… it’s indeed a different aspect… shoes most important … adds to ones persona. .loved it


  8. Wow, dont we all love shoes!!
    Loved how you dwelled into the importance of all shoes 🙂

    And for a valentine gift. I would defibitely choose a pair of pumps!! Especially after reading your post 😉


  9. I agree wihh you mandavi good and fancy shoes are a must. The can change your look from dowdy to chic in a matter of seconds. And you look super in all the pics dear. I am more of a flats and ballerinas person. But I would prefer books anytime.


  10. When it comes to footwear, I prefer comfort over style so I’m more of a flat and boots person. Though I get stylish options in there too. Never tried heels as I can never carry them gracefully and will trip for sure. Your love for the footwear is so evident in the post and the pics. A good read.

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  11. I’ve seen you in heels and boy, you carry them off with elan! 🙂 I always put comfort first when it comes to footwear, hence flats rule my drawer. I love your boots and am now curious to see your shoe collection. 😀


  12. Such a fun post with I had a great time while reading it. your post shows your love for shoes. for me it is always about comfort more than style. I will prefer books on this valentine. #vdayblogtrain


  13. Ha ha.. covered all important types. Indeed the high heels boost our confidence. I love flats though, comfort over style. I would pick a bouquet of flowers, just to enjoy the present.


  14. Ok- first of all, HATS OFF to you for wearing heels and loving them! The shoes, clothes, your whole look- fabulous! I wish I could pull off heels. I just totter on them and then fall flat. Flats or tennis shoes have always been my ‘go-to.’ 😀 Really loved reading your blog and seeing your fashion choices.


  15. Oh, i missed my heels so much after reading your article. I have stopped wearing them since the birth of my daughters, but now i am tempted to try them again.
    loved the vibrant and charming pictures, especially the one in wellington boots!


  16. I would select books as my Valentine. My love for shoes is somehow only limited to admiring them at a showroom… Yes we do shaare similar feelings for gladiator… I feel they are straight out of GoT or something similar


  17. I loved your post and if you read mine, you can see how much I can relate to it! Shoes are my absolute favorites and I can never have too many of them. Nice humorous take on the prompt!


  18. Thanks a lot for educating me with the types of the foot wear! I am a big zero in this field and the high heels are one that scare me the most.
    Its a “hatake” take on the prompt, I must admit! Kudos.


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