Secret To My Kid’s Tangle-free Beautiful Thick Hair

I am a big fan of long hair, to the extent that I grew my own hair back to full length once the post pregnancy hair-fall was over. Call me old fashioned, but I just LOVE long hair.


Having said that, long hair can be annoying and difficult to manage especially for small children. They are on the run all the time, in great big hurry to move from one thing to another. However, I am just obsessed with long hair and I have been managing it pretty well, I can say, for my daughter.


“Are you here looking for solutions to your child’s bushy hair? Want your child to have beautiful, long, tangle free mane. If yes, then read this and follow these simple hacks.”


Like all babies, my baby was born with soft and silky hair. She has plenty of hair fall in the initial months owing to cradle cap. Nonetheless within a year, she had regained all of it and her hair had started to develop natural curls. However after the ‘mundan’ those baby curls vanished and her hair was relatively more linear. And that was also the time when problems started to crop up.


With constant running, playing around in the park, her shoulder length hair started to tangle easily. That tangled hair gave me a crazy time in the morning when she had to be prepared to playschool. If you know what I mean, you can relate to the screaming, crying and irritation that came along.


So I switched to using my own shampoo on her – that seemed like the most natural option. If my hair doesn’t tangle with it, then ofcourse hers won’t. But BOY, what a wrong choice I had made


Within a year, her hair became relatively course and limp. AND there was hair fall. How wrong was I, and a mistake many of us make. My own shampoo was very harsh for her delicate scalp.


And that’s mainly because adult shampoos are loaded with strong chemicals – like formaldehyde, phthalates which strip the child’s delicate hair of its natural oils. Their repeated use eventually leaves the hair look coarse and limp.


So I decided to switch back to the baby shampoo. But many baby care shampoos also have a high PH, making it very harsh and unsuitable for kids and leading to coarse or bushy hair. So I was very careful in selecting the right shampoo.


It has been clinically proven that only at pH 5.5, scalp is hydrated and strengthens scalp for optimal hair growth. Lipid and moisture loss is minimum at this PH and the growth of Malassezia which leads to dandruff is restricted. I started using Sebamed Children’s Shampoo (a Germen skin care brand) which has a pH of 5.5 and is a sugar based mild cleanser.


Since the Sebamed children’s shampoo was milder, I started taking other steps to keep her hair tangle free.


Like I always towel dry her hair and then keep the towel wrapped around her hair with the help of a rubber band till it has 80% dried off. At this stage, it is easiest to detangle, especially if you have below shoulder length hair. I always use a modest wide toothed comb and NOT a brush. I also run my fingers gently though her semi-dry hair to detangle.  Once the hair is detangled, I keep a small dry head towel on for another 15 mins to half hour.


I have realized that this process of drying and combing leaves her hair soft, supple, tangle fee and not to mention shinny. And as they grow, they are straight, never bushy.


We also wash the hair under tap water, mid week so that the accumulated sweat can run out and we follow that up with the same drying-combing process. Goes without saying, when stepping outdoors, to breezy places, we never forget to tie it into a neat plait – the one single most important formula to never see bushy hair. We also never leave the hair uncombed post bath or first thing in the morning.

And yes trimming is non-negotaible, but then keep that to trimming just a about an inch and a half not more.


Click here to know more about the benefit of using PH 5.5 products for children. To read about other Sebamed skin products products, visit their website.


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  1. I am using softsens baby shampoo for my daughter’s hair.
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