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TREAD ONE - The Peloton for India

How to stay fit and healthy at home without going to the gym is one burning desire most moms I know of can easily relate to. We wished there were more than 24 hours in the day, but alas! A battery of maids and nannies to babysit the kids every day while I sweat it out at the gym. I sure am dreaming.

But we do want to

Wake up! Look hot! And be an awesome mom!

Don’t even think about giving that up yet, here is how to easily stay fit at home as per your own routine & despite all the craziness that’s called ‘motherhood’.

How to stay fit & healthy at home with TREAD One| The Peloton for India

What is TREAD One exactly?

The TREAD One is a high-end indoor workout bike for those who are interested in on-demand classes at home at any time they want. Just like a Peloton bike, this is a connected fitness platform that aims to provide different forms of workouts and fitness content, right there while you are working out on the bike via a large Full HD LCD screen, giving a seamless studio or gym like workout experience from the comfort of your own home.

In short, the TREAD One is a bike, gym membership, and community!

TREAD ONE review

So is Peloton in India now? Not yet, but you have TREAD One which is quite similar to Peloton.

Why is TREAD One an ideal fit for moms?

As a busy mom, I am able to carve out time for my own workout, as per the schedule of everyone else in my house, except my own. Maid and dog included!!

This is why TREAD One bikes are an ideal fit for moms like me. It is super easy to schedule sessions with the fitness instructor on the TREAD One as per your own time preferences or join any live session, practically every day from the comfort of your home. It REALLY helps that the machine is frictionless, allowing women to easily adjust the intensity levels without any intervention. You have to hear the best part still. TREAD One has chain free belt, which allows you to enjoy a near-silent ride without disturbing anyone’s personal space around you.

Can I get a demo of TREAD One ?

YES! And it’s absolutely FREE! Click here to book a LIVE DEMO right away over a video call and see TREAD One in action. You can also ask all your questions and get all doubts clarified.

What are the features of the TREAD One bike?

Compact – Sleek, looks aesthetic and a fit for every household

Quiet –  Almost silent and gives you a smooth ride

Adjustable – Adapts easily to every kind of workout need

Immersive – Stunning visuals and fab audio with content live-streamed

Free home delivery – No extra cost for delivery and installation

What do I love most about TREAD One ?

I love the idea of having one-tap access to expert trainers at TREAD One who motivate you to become a better version of yourself. Access to a wide range of reliable fitness regimes and the idea of trying different and new formats of workout practically every day. Let’s say, I just love the RIDE!

How much does TREAD One cost?

Pre-Order amount – 9,900/-

Launch price – Rs. 59,900

The first 300 orders will be eligible for 1 free content membership and added bonus for an individual’s surprise.

Is TREAD One worth the money?

The fact that you can hop on the bike and workout, 40 flat minutes every single day while your kids are attending school, napping, or reading would answer that for you! That you will be able to prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing once again without giving up anything at all – an investment you’ll adore.

Loved TREAD One Review | The Peloton for India

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  1. Wow India is making great advancements in all field. Tread one sounds like a perfect option for busy moms to be fit at comfort of home. It is great that they are providing multiple facilities.


  2. Tread one seems to be an ideal machine to help keep moms fit effortlessly. Good to know about its features, especially the chain free belt one.


  3. this is really interesting and I feel a must go machine to ease out your excerise routine .. since moms always lack time it’s indeed important to have gym equipment which offers go to features


  4. Wow, Tread One is a good option for moms to be fit at the comfort of their home. I also like its sleek feature, which makes it to fit in at every urban house too. An interesting demo offer too, I would like to try them


  5. having a high quality indoor bike will be sufficient I believe, which can be more economical…
    but finding them is difficult, mostly due to lack of information about quality products, availability and reliable source to buy the bike for indoor exercise.
    Decathlon has couple of models .. not sure about the quality and life.

    Do you guys have some recommendations ? and may be article with the above details


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