How I Went on a Road Trip While Maintaining Social Distancing

How I Went on a Road Trip While Maintaining Social Distancing - Final

Where to go? How to choose a route? Information about restrooms and more.

Wanna zip out of city next weekend but unable to decide which one-day road trips to explore? How to find an amazing day trip that can be explored fully contact less. Which road trip from Mumbai or Pune can be made enjoyable and 100% feasible with social distancing plus taking all the coronavirus pandemic precautions?

After weeks of deliberation, we went on back to back road trips and here are some of the tips that may help you explore without having to leave the comfort and safety of your car. This is also our small way to give back to tourism industry and help them get on the part to #restart.

How to choose a road trip ROUTE for lockdown trip?

Confused right! Well, try starting with a route that’s within driving distance. I personally feel it’s best to start with a route that’s within 2 hour driving distance from your home.  You can take it to 2.5 hours at max but anything beyond that may feel like a stretch. Remember, you’d have to drive back the same day and the fun is really about taking many pit-stops along the way. So, a short route will get you the fill that you may so terribly be in need of right now.

Mumbai to Matheran, Mumbai to Lonavala and Mumbai to AasanGaon are some of the destinations we have explored so far completely contactless.

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Where to SPEND the day off-the-road on lockdown trip so that you can maintain Social Distancing?

Once you have nailed down the right route, zero in on a destination that’s likely to be less frequented by travellers. Read that as lesser popular vantage points, insignificant water falls which by all means are usually more beautiful, pitching your day picnic spot on the periphery of the hill station or a picturesque village.

How to PLAN a road trip that’s completely contact less?

Here are a few things that you must plan in advance

  1. Map out the choice of restrooms on your route, you will need to visit atleast once. We picked ones at Starbucks or McDonalds as they are monitored by staff for social distancing. We also carried a high-quality toilet disinfectant spray bottle which we used very generously.
  2. Carry a full crate of water in the boot.
  3. Pack your own snacks for the trip so you don’t have to stop at food courts.
  4. Carry disposable gloves and masks to hand out cash at various toll plazas.

Remember to pack in all the Safety, Santizer Kit and Essentials. Save time on writing lengthy checklists. Download this handy road trip packing list now!

How to plan a road trip thats completely contactless

What’d be my typical ITINERARY on a lockdown road trip?

Travelling by car is safest mode to enjoy a short break as it will make it 100% feasible for you to keep your trip contact-less and help follow complete social distancing norms.

8.30am: Load your car with all the road trip essentials, roar your engine, blast the music, roll down the windows and set off for an epic day trip.

9.30am: Exit at a McDonalds drive through to pick your breakfast, coffee. They are operating in fully contactless mode. Get your restroom break here, equipped with a toilet seat disinfectant.

10 am: Pull off, chances are that by now you’d be past the outskirts of the city. Get off the car, stretch your limbs and enjoy breakfast with a view. 

11.30am: Drive further, the route is likely to opens up to endless miles of greenery, hills, farm land or water front if you are driving along the coast. Aim to reach the destination by this time and spend a few hours now exploring the region. On a recent drive in the hills, we took 4 to 5 pit stops at various vantage pints, tiny water falls, rail tracks, mini trails etc.

2.30pm: Spot a scenic open-air site where you want to spread out your picnic mat or just open the boot of your car, bring out the picnic basket and enjoy a leisurely lunch of piping hot instant noodles. We got a local tea stall to fill our flask with boiling water, we sanitized the flask that was then used for making instant food and coffee.

3.30pm: Load your stuff back in the boot and set off, a few more miles winding though the hills or expressway or turn around and head back home.

5pm: Hit the city outskirts by around this time so that you are back home in time to cook your dinner.

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Which one-day road trips from Mumbai or Pune could I explore?

Mumbai to Matheran Road Trip: less than 150km for a quick escape to the hills.

Mumbai to Asangaon Lake Road Trip: is less than 100km, explore waterwalls and natural fresh water spring.

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How to Plan an EPIC Road Trip during lockdown
How to Plan an EPIC Road Trip during lockdown

What you do on a vacation is all set to change, workcations will likely replace vacations. Are you itching to be on the ROAD! Would you love to head out on a contactless road trip, would you like me to add any particular detail about how to plan a contact-less road trip during pandemic? Write to me in the comments below.

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  1. Food, water and restrooms are going to be the main issues in the coming days of COVID travel. It is interesting to see how you have tackled these issues very effectively on your trip.


  2. We went on a road trip too and followed all the points you mentioned. It is a very helpful post for those who are planning a trip but are apprehensive.


  3. We went on a road trip in August and recently went to coastal KArnataka on the long weekend. I think it’s good to boost the tourism industry and the paralysed economy a bit while maintaining social distancing and all safety measures.


  4. This is indeed a useful post. Some excellent tips. Haven’t a road trip planned for a while but will be sure to bookmark this for reference. Thanks for sharing this.


  5. I actually liked your idea of choosing a destination not too far away from your home like max 2.5 hours drive and choosing small open areas on the outskirts of your city that’s probably less crowded and safe to restart your travel journals.


  6. Such an amazing way to describe a compact plan to travel while maintaining social distancing. Best part about mapping areas where accessible and clean washrooms are available.


  7. I did a road trip from Hyderabad to Bidar, about 250 kms round trip on my Activa. Had my water and snacks with me so didn’t eat out, and since I had been there earlier too, knew exactly where to take a washroom break. Your tips are quite helpful and the itinerary you’ve given is quite detailed too.


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